Charity Quilting

Have you noticed the cute little “Quilting Bloggers” button over on the left side? You can click on the button and get to the Quilting Gallery home page and find quilting bloggers arranged by state, country, randomly and I’m not sure what all. It’s easy to find quilting bloggers who are located near you or near areas where you may be visiting. Check it out and you may even want to join.

Anyway, July is Charity Quilting Month for the quilting bloggers who are members of Quilting Gallery. There are several groups that I support with my quilt donations but here are some recent ones I’ve donated — some go back as far as May so they certainly aren’t all July donations. And, some of them I didn’t photograph before donating so I only have pictures of them before they were finished. I’ll do better! 🙂

These first two were donated in June to retired nuns at a retirement home.


Four Patch Posies pattern


This is a Delectable Mountain from Quilt in a Day.

This quilt was intended to be another quilt for the nuns but while we were at the retreat, and before the quilts were given to the nuns, a friend fell in love with it so I gave it to her. So, I guess it isn’t really a donation quilt but it is done, finished and off my UFO list and has a new home.


Another Delectable Mountains from Quilt in a Day. It was quilted and finished but I just don’t have a picture of it.

These four are being sent to my friend, Denise in WI, who coordinates a project where quilts are donated to women in bad situations — mostly homeless women I think.


This one was from the last Quilt for an Hour project.


This was a trial version of a quilt in my book, Nine Patch Extravaganza.


This was a another trial version of the same quilt.


This one started out as a project to make a table topper into a quilt.

These next two were donated in May to the Quilted Hugs program through our local guild.


This one was from an old Fons & Porter magazine.


Another Quilt for an Hour quilt.

That’s 8 donated in the past two months and one given away.  I’m going to try to get five more finished and donated by the end of July.  Anyone else want to commit to making or finishing some quilts for donations?


Email me!


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    That’s fantastic Judy! If all goes to plan I will have 6 QOV quilts done by the end of the month. I quilted all of them but 4 were pieced by others. I’ve enlisted Mom to do bindings.

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    You’ve been busy quilting for Charity haven’t you? I continue to work on my HeartStrings quilts and the donated tops that come to use for finishing but I’m doing a lot of travel this month so who knows how many will actually be finished by the end of July.

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    Scarlett says

    Judy, you are truly a good person. You should let us know more often the giving that you are doing. That would inspire us to give what we can. (I did just complete two quilts of valor, not the quilting thou.)

    I’m sure the people who get these quilts would be forever grateful. My hat goes off to YOU!