He Loves Fishing!

Since Chad was a little boy, he has loved to fish. In Louisiana, we had drainage ditches in front of our house. Yes, I know what drains into them but Chad was about 4 and we have a picture of him with a fishing pole he’d rigged up and he was standing on the driveway “fishing” in the ditch. There’s nothing and no place he’d rather go than to go fishing. Chad and 7 of his friends went camping this weekend. Here’s their catch from one morning:


I asked Chad what all they ate while they were gone. Fish! I asked him if they had any potatoes or anything? Nope, just fish! Chad is the designated cook so he cleaned and fried the fish and they lived on fish for three days. I guess Chad loves to eat them as much as he loves to catch them but . . what about the 7 friends?


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