Chad – 0/Electric Fence – 2


Probably every parent has the same feelings I have — when Chad leaves home, I kinda hold my breath til he gets back. Usually when he walks in the door, I’ll ask how was your trip? The answer is almost always just fine! But as the hours/days pass, I get more information . . usually information that I could’ve lived without knowing.

He decided to tell me today about getting tangled up with an electric fence over the weekend. Since Chad took his first steps (probably before!), if there’s something to get into, some way to get hurt, some way to get in trouble, Chad can do it.

If you haven’t read about Chad’s ski trip, you should read it. Then you’ll have a whole new respect for me as a mom! 🙂 Maybe it’s sympathy — not respect!

He’s 20 years old. I have to trust that one day he’s going to think before he acts. As of Saturday morning, Chad has a healthy respect for electric fences.

Originally, my subject was “Chad – 0/Electric Fence -1”.  I showed the blog to Chad and he said . . nope – Chad – 0/Electric Fence – 2″. I guess he’s a slow learner! 🙁

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    YIKES!!!!!!!!!! Well, you can be pretty certain there won’t be any more electric fence contretemps!!

    My youngest lad chased a car down a street with a big wood branch when he was about 8. His 9 year old brother watched and did/said nothing. The driver of car he was chasing, stopped and came to our house to tell us about it!! Embarrassing!

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    pdudgeon says

    early to mid 20’s is about the time that the reasoning section (actions/consequences) of the brain begins to mature.
    So yes, there is hope for the future.

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    OMG! I noticed the 1 changed to a 2 right away and said to myself”he must have told her more details!”
    You will make it through momma!

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    It so must be the age. I hold my breath every time my 20 year old leaves the house as well. Multiple speeding tickets, broken bones and other assorted incidents have made me a nervous wreck. Every time I read his cell phone number on caller id when I am not expecting it my stomach drops. A couple of weeks ago I got a cell phone bill for over $500 because he “didn’t know” that calling internationally would cost roaming charges. Then there was the lost wallet incident and then …. and then…. I am hoping that some day he will actually become a responsible adult. I just hope I live that long.

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    Is it just boys? I’ve been calling and emailing Chris and Adam all week because I’m afraid they pack the right clothes for the trip or remember to bring their passports, or they’ll miss their flights… was so much easier when I had complete control over them and their environment!

    Glad he had no adverse effects from his run in with the fence.