Life Before Cell Phones


Do you remember life before cell phones? Yes, we did survive without them . . way back in the dark ages! Know what? I remember staying at my grandparents’ during the summers without even a land line! It’s funny to even think about it because we lived 2 hours from them and we’d just drive up there on weekends. They didn’t know we were coming sometimes. Imagine driving 2 hours to see someone now without them knowing ahead of time that you’re coming! For goodness sakes . . don’t do it to me. I need at least a 48 hour notice so I can clean!

Early last week Chad’s cell phone stopped working. You’d have thought his life was over! He took it down to AT&T and they said it had water damage. There’s a little button inside that turns red when the inside of the phone gets wet. Not covered by warranty and he isn’t eligible for a new discounted phone until March, 09. But . . your mom is eligible in in September, 08. Maybe she’ll let you get the new phone! I don’t think so! I always take the freebie or the phone they’re offering for almost nothing. Chad, on the other hand, has to have a fancy smancy phone that usually runs over $300. It’s not that I want a new phone in September but I don’t want him spending $300 on one.

But wait . . water damage? How could that have happened?? He just couldn’t figure that one out! Knowing Chad, the phone is in his pocket when he’s on the jet ski. It’s always in his pocket (or attached to his ear!) and that includes fishing, camping in the tent, hiking . . . whatever he’s doing!

I had my ancient cell phone (the one before I got the one I have now that he thinks is ancient) and he put his SIM card in there and used it for a few days but that was just torture. It’s so big and texting is so hard! So, Friday, July 4, he ordered a new one off ebay. It’s just like the one with water damage and it arrived today so he’s one happy young man! And, I’m happy because I don’t have to hear the complaining about how miserable life is without a decent cell phone!

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    Mine is four years old, really ancient. It doesn’t take pictures, I have no clue how to text on it, and it’s not Bluetooth ready. On 7/1 the hands-free law went into effect here, and I finally found an apparatus that would work with this relic. I think I used it about two hours total in 2007! LOL. Kids need that instant communication. Tell Chad when he gets as old as us, he’ll probably never even turn his phone on!

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    This is sooooo funny!

    My eldest is just waiting for the day when you can have a chip surgically inserted under your skin and be on the phone ALL. THE. TIME.

    Except it will have to be a pretty color, or light up or something, so that people can see she has it under there, because if people don’t know you have cool stuff, what’s the point?


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    My DD had her color chip turn the wrong color after leaving it in the bathroom and taking a HOT steamy shower, so it didn’t even have to go into any water. That hardly seems fair now does it? Remember do NOT take your cell phone into the bathroom and then take a hot steamy shower!!

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    ROTFL I think most of us with teenagers can identify with this post! My youngest lad is surgically attached to his $300 (!!!!) phone. He never goes anywhere without it. Our oldest lad has one too, but he bought the basic “pay as you go” model and only uses it because I don’t want him driving without a cellphone for communication. I don’t even have a cellphone – I thought we were high tech to get cordless phones for home, LOL.

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    Marla says

    My daughter put her cell once on top of the air conditioner in her dorm room and the condensation ruined it. A friend of mine had a daughter who dropped hers in a glass of OJ. Ha!

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    hahaha..our son was at the AT&T phone store on Monday for the same thing!!! he went fishing and somehow the phone got wet…yeah he says somehow…I hope Chad is happy with his new phone!!!

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    Evelyn says

    My cell phone plan has free internet connection if I have cell phone reception – complete with a tiny typewritter and everything. I don’t text, but e-mail – that I need to check when on the road because it is part of my business and I usually leave the laptop at home. DH doesn’t have a phone and it drives everyone just about crazy except me – one less bill to pay, LOL! Glad to hear that Chad has his phone sorted out again.


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    Judy, I’m wondering if we are living parallel lives. My teen was at an all day concert last week, got caught in a downpour…need I say more, soaked kid, wet phone. Put his SIM in my old phone…whined can’t text, boo hoo, I want a new phone. I don’t think so! I recommended he find a reconditioned phone online…he’s still working on it. Ah, those teens can’t seem to live without their phone.

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    Cindy Pucci says

    I am a responsible 52 year old woman. I have never dropped my phone in fish water, orange juice or the toilet. I have never laid my phone on an air conditioner or taken it with me into the bathroom when I take a shower.

    I took the little cover off my phone a couple of weeks ago and my “dot” is as red as fire.

    I live in Kansas and we have something called humidity.

    If my phone eventually dies before I upgrade, and they tell me I’ve gotten it wet, Judy, you are going hear me screaming from 30 miles away.