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Update: Claudia wrote me to tell me that the pattern is Twist of Fate by Toadusew. If you want the pattern, please call The Village Mercantile at 812-897-5687. (Don’t tell her you saw her quilt before she did!) 🙂

I’m sure everyone who reads this knows that I’m a longarm quilter though I rarely post pictures of quilts I’ve done for others.


I love this quilt I just finished for my friend, Betty, and with her permission, I’m showing it here.

Betty made it from a commercial pattern and as soon as I find out the name of the pattern, I’ll post that info. Betty owns The Village Mercantile quilt shop in Boonville, IN. She was my “local quilt shop” when we lived in Kentucky and oh, how I miss that shop! The Village Mercantile has a new and improved web page and Betty would love to have any of you visit her shop (online and in real life). You can order the pattern or the kit for the quilt I’m showing you today.

This quilt kicked my butt! I had it hanging over the longarm for almost a month trying to decide what to do with it. Especially new longarmers struggle with knowing what designs to use, what thread colors to use, etc. This one proves to you that some of us long timers (over 10 years longarming) struggle every now and then. My initial thoughts were to do a panto — that’s quick and easy and a no brainer. Betty wanted to accentuate the “twist” in the design. That was her only suggestion — everything else was up to me. Even when I finally loaded it onto the machine Sunday, I only knew that I was going to do half a feather shape in the lighter part of the twist. That’s it! I started out doing the feathers in the outer green border and kinda just let everything else come to me as I was quilting. That’s not the way I like to operate! I like to know exactly what I’m going to do on every square inch before I get started but I just could not come up with a plan for this quilt.

The quilting in the darker areas doesn’t show up well in the photograph but there’s a feathered curly shape in those.


And, because I love the quilt and the quilting, here’s another picture — a closeup of a block.



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    Wow Judy! I love the quilting – especially the small green squares. I don’t know what that pattern is called but it’s perfect for that spot. You did a fabulous job and she made a beautiful quilt. Blessings, marlene

  2. 2

    Jeanne Rumans says

    Awesome, Judy! Did you take pictures of the back? I’d love to see that also!

  3. 3

    Linda Kay says

    The quilt is beautiful and the quilting really makes it pop! Can’t wait to find out the name of the pattern!
    Linda Kay

  4. 6

    Andee in AZ says

    Great quilt…pattern, colors and quilting! I put this one on my bday wish list!

  5. 12


    That’s just cruel. I swore I wouldn’t buy anything else this month….and I need to bust my stash, not add to it! But that quilt is gorgeous! Maybe I can just buy the pattern. Hmmmm. ;0)

  6. 13


    It’s beautiful! I know you’re glad now that you did the custom quilting instead of the pantogram. It really makes the twist “pop”!

    I went to Betty’s shop before her shop hop. It was bursting at the seams! I met a lady named Teresa while I was there. She said that she was updating Betty’s website, which really needed to be done. Of course, you and I know that shopping on the Internet isn’t the same, but it’s great to have that choice!

  7. 14

    Marilyn Welch says

    When I left work today, Betty told me to go to your website — guess she thought I needed a laugh or some entertainment. Enjoyed going through your site. You do a great job Judy, as usual. Marilyn