The Camera

The camera arrived on Tuesday but when I ordered it, I didn’t know that I needed filters for the lens so I ordered those a few days later. I couldn’t use the camera til the filters arrived, which happened yesterday. Usually new things don’t scare me but I was nervous about putting the battery in and putting the lens on and sticking the memory stick in. Crazy, huh? Did all that this morning and haven’t wanted to put the camera down since. Those darned deer . . they’re always around til I need them. I wanted to take some pictures of them and wouldn’t you know it . . haven’t seen them all day and it isn’t because I haven’t been out looking for them at least 100 times today. So, I had to take some boring shots of unwilling family members.

Besides the new camera, Photoshop CS 3.3 got here yesterday too. I have so much to do and so little time! πŸ™‚ And, do you know what my husband said? You’ll never learn to use a new camera and new software and get everything else done that needs to be done around here? What else needs to be done besides learn the new camera and the new software? That’s what I thought . . nothing!


Isn’t he just so cute? And so sweet? Well, maybe not sweet but he is darned cute!


OK Mom . . one picture is enough . . get out!


Well, maybe this one isn’t so cute and he definitely isn’t so nice sometimes! πŸ™ But he does such a darned good job of bringing home the bacon (and the camera, and the software, and the fabric and everything else I enjoy) so I guess I’ll keep him for a while longer! πŸ™‚ Have I ever told you about his hands? Vince has the best hands and gives the most fantastic back rubs. Hmmm . . wonder if I’ve done enough today to deserve a back rub? Doubtful but you never know if you don’t ask, right?


Darnit! Why is everyone downstairs and I’m the only one upstairs? Maybe I’ll just sneak down there and no one will notice I’m going up and down stairs which I’m not supposed to do!

He’s pretty cute too but kinda worthless but we surely do love him too.


I don’t know what these flowers are but either (1) they taste horrible or (2) they’re extremely poisonous because they’re in my front flower bed and the deer haven’t eaten them. This is the main reason I wanted a DSLR — not because of these pink flowers but see how you can focus in on one thing and the rest gets blurry. It’s called “bokeh” (or something like that . . at least that’s what I read on Pioneer Woman’s blog). I figured out how to do that so I’m happy.

And, I’m real happy about finishing a quilt that I’ve been working on non-stop for three days. Well, I have been working on it for three days but one of those days I went to Joplin so the goofball in the waiting room could sing to us and the eye doctor could conspire with my husband so I can never use my favorite pillow again. Then another day I played with the camera and software most of the day but the bottom line is . . I finished this quilt and it’s gorgeous . . if I do say so myself. Pictures of the back will be posted in a day or two. It isn’t mine and I didn’t get permission to show pictures so . . we’ll just have to live with seeing only the back side.


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    pdudgeon says

    i think your lovely pink plant is called Spirea. there are lots of different varities and bloom times. looking forward to seeing the back of that quilt! have fun with the new camera.

  2. 3

    Scarlett says

    Handsome guys!

    I have to read your site everyday, You’re my favorite, seems more honest than some of the rest out there (not everything is wonderful).

    I know nothing about cameras, but I am thinking of getting about getting one like yours. So thank you so much for the info you’ve given. I even checked out Ken Rockwell’s website, which I hadn’t known about. Now you mentioned that you need a lens filter (maybe this camera is too much for a point and shoot girl?)

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    Fabulous pictures of your guys! I see you caught Speck in the act! Daisy sends hugs!

    All of that camera/software/lens talk makes me feel so inadequate! Heck, I’m downloading pictures in the “Judy” folder because I can’t make it change to a different one! I’ve decided to stick to quilting! LOL

  4. 5


    what handsome men you have in your house Judy! I cannot believe how much Chad has grown up! Time flies! good luck with your new camera and software! the pics are great! Speck is a doll…

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    The flower definitely looks like spirea. I have several by my front walk that were planted as shrubs, not flowers. They grow like weeds, not bushes.

    Trim them back after they bloom and they should bloom at least twice a summer. Untrimmed, mine only bloom once a year. Just finished trimming my bunch this morning.