Remembering Daniel


It’s been 2 years today since my nephew’s accident.  I said to myself earlier that I wasn’t going to mention it on here but part of me feels like I have to do it.  A couple of months ago, I would’ve sworn to myself that it’s been 3 years.  Then when I realized it had been 2 years, I had to look it up to be sure.  Seems in some ways like it’s been so much longer but it seems in some ways like it was yesterday.  Guess it’s always that way when we lose someone we love.

Daniel was 26 when he died so this is obviously an old picture but it is so typical Daniel!  Always smiling, never afraid to try anything.  He definitely lived life to the fullest and enjoyed every minute of it — whether he was having fun or working.  He wasn’t so much for working around the house with Dad but he loved his real job and put all he had into it.

Vince and my family mix like oil and water (which is ok for salad but not ok for family gatherings).  Vince’s parents immigrated from Sicily and he just grew up totally different from how we did in southwest Louisiana.  Vince isn’t much of joker and he just doesn’t know how to take my family.  But, we were at Mom and Dad’s and I forgot what Daniel and I were arguing about . . probably whether Chad could go out with Daniel and his friends.  That was always a source of contention with the two of us.  Anyway, whatever was going on, Daniel and I were getting into this heated argument but it was all in fun.  I can’t remember what was said but whatever I told him I was going to do to him, his response was “I’ll kick your butt”.  Vince walked in about that time and heard that statement and he said “It’ll be the last butt you ever kick”.  Of course, that didn’t fit with the conversation Daniel and I were having but now every time I say “I’ll kick your butt”, Vince always says “It will be the last butt you ever kick”.

One day Chad asked me what I would say to Daniel if I could talk to him just one more time.  I told Chad I would kick his butt.  Chad’s response was “It will be the last butt you ever kick” which is true because the only way I can talk to Daniel again is in heaven!  But, when I get there, I will kick his butt . . as soon as I find him! 🙂



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    Judy, I thought about you and Daniel last night when I was going through some old blogs. I remember thinking that it doesn’t seem like it’s been two years. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers today that your memories of Daniel always make you smile! (Hugs)

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    I’m glad you have fond memories of Daniel. We recently lost a dear friends daughter at age 18…Rachael and I shared a love of the color red.

    Looking forward to the quiltathon…I need encouragement to “kick my butt”


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    Elaine says

    I know how tough it must be to miss that special guy! I am amazed at how much he looks like Matthew at that age! And I know you wanna kick his butt when you finally catch up to him, but I hope it’s a long, long time before you do!

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    How good it is to have memories that bring us a smile.

    I don’t think he will be hard to find when you get to heaven. He will be waiting at the door. (perhaps having put a bucket of water on it to fall on you when you enter)

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    Tricia Sagen says

    I think it was good that you posted about Daniel. He was taken too soon but you have helped to keep his memory around.
    Take care,

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    I feel your pain – I lost my nephew 14 years ago – not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. Like you, my memories are vivid – thank you for sharing. It serves to remind us all just how precious life is and how important it is to keep those memories alive!

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    I just read your memorial to Daniel. Today, July 17th. is two years since we lost our beloved son Matthew. My heart will always ache & the tears never cease for missing him.
    Roslyn Atwood
    In loving memory