Sheep, Goat . . No Thanks

A little background info is needed here. When I was young . . maybe high school, maybe middle school, probably not elementary school but I can’t remember . . I wanted a lamb. I really, really wanted a lamb and I’m not saying I was a spoiled child but there weren’t many things I asked for that I didn’t get. But, I never got a lamb! Dad always promised me that when I got my own place, he’d get me a lamb.

From time to time, my dad will make noise about getting me a lamb. No, Dad! I no longer want a lamb! This has been going on for years. When we moved to Kentucky in 1997, we had a bit of land and I was so afraid my dad was going to show up with a lamb but he didn’t. But he did threaten! Even now, when Mom and Dad visit us, I breathe a sigh of relief when I see they’re in the car and not the pickup because I know they wouldn’t bring an animal in Mom’s car.

Yesterday I got an e-mail from the San Antonio Express-News and it’s a classified ad Dad has forwarded to me. It’s an ad for a goat! Actually I think it’s for 2 goats.


Dad, I really, really do NOT want a goat. I really, really do NOT want a sheep. But what I really do want to know is . . why the heck is my Dad reading the classified ads in San Antonio, TX?? Somebody doesn’t have enough to do! 🙂

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    That’s pretty funny! One Easter my Dad brought home a dozen baby chicks in an egg carton. Another year he brought home a live bunny. 🙂

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    I have to tell you from experience, a goat is a wonderful addition to your family – but you have to keep him on a chain. Otherwise, you will have poopy pebbles all over the place, especially where you don’t want them. My goat kept the trees neatly trimmed, the tall grass low, the fence line clean, and provided hours of enjoyment watching him standing on his back legs on top of his “goat-loo” (which is a dog loo used for the goat. Unfortunately, Alvin met his demise one spring evening a year ago when he couldn’t untangle himself from his chain.

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    That’s funny! So, is your left eye allergic to your foam pillow? Enquiring minds want to know! lol Love quilt you machine quilted! I just love your work! thanks for sharing!