Day 1 of July Quiltathon

Anyone sewing with me today? I’m working on borders on a Shadow Stars quilt. I had the top done at least a month ago but have procrastinated getting the borders on. This one has pieced borders but I think I can have it finished before noon. Then the plan is to finish the quilt on the longarm (for a customer), load another one, then it will be time for dinner and I’ll sit upstairs with Vince and do binding.

Dinner is in the crockpot so I should be all set to spend the entire day sewing/quilting. Hope some of you get to do the same.



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    I’m cutting the blocks for Kindred Spirits, a pattern by Cracked Teapot Productions. It’s a BOM from Dakota Cabin Quilts. Wonderful colors in the espresso colorway. Maywood fabrics.
    I sound like a commercial, don’t I? *S*

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    pdudgeon says

    yep i’m quilting and sewing today too.
    got a very early start pinning the quilt on the frame this morning.
    It’s 9 am and i’ve already got one border marked and quilted, the quilt turned and marked, and now i’m ready to quilt the last border. hope to have that done and the binding machine sewn on by noon.

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    I’m with you today. I have a quilt ready to load and get done today. The binding is ready to put on and the next quilt in line is smiling up at me from the container.

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    Dot says

    Hi. I am trying to finish piecing the blocks to a quilt. Of course, I will need more fabric to make it large enough for a queen size bed. Sweetman, (hubby) loves this quilt and wants it for his bed.

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    Going to sew tonight… working on a wool grape baskets runner. Trying to get it to the quilting stage…. then I have 3 projects all lined up to machine quilt! First time free-motion… ought to be fun :o)

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    I’ve been running around paying school tuitions and am now back home. Early this morning, I put on a braided border on a mystery quilt….now three more to make and put on! For this quilt, I’m not sure it compliments the quilt but my ds (14) really likes it… guess I’d better get back to business! check in later

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    Yeppers! I am working on a scrappy quilt that I decided needed to be bigger. Need 5 more rows to make it the right size. It is a nine patch with snowballs alternating. It is a two color quilt, blue and white. I want to start quilting on my daughter’s butterfly quilt, but alas, I need to buy the backing. I may need to get some more batting too as I am not fond of warm and natural or warm and white. Happy quilting!

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    pdudgeon says

    taking a mid afternoon break. i added more quilting on the inside border and went grocery shopping earlier so that put me behind schedule, but ony by 2 hours.

    the quilt is folded and all ready to handsew the binding tonight and tomorrow night. now to get the mail, and then load the second quilt, a disapearing 9 patch, on the frame.

  9. 12

    neen says

    Nope, not quilting today. I was going to, until DH and I remembered it’s our 45th wedding anniv.

    I will resume quilting on my jane sassaman quilt tomorrow, though…. I’m just skipping a day.

    Hope you got your borders pieced and put on, today, Judy.

  10. 13


    I did get some bindings ironed this morning before going to work and am hoping to still get the one sewed on the baby quilt yet tonight!

  11. 14


    I am making kaleidoscope blocks, and getting a root canal. Still full of novecain, but I can sew. Some of my blocks might be a little different than the others, though!

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    I didn’t quilt today but I did sew. I’m working on a Halloween apron for a swap I’m doing. It has a witch appliqued on the bib part and two ghosts peeping out of the pockets. I need to do a bit of hand sewing on it, add a couple of buttons and it will be finished! Blessings, marlene

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    I didn’t stitch today, but I got a couple of projects ready to stitch tomorrow. My mom ended her 2 day visit this morning and I went to knitting club and did errands this afternoon. Tomorrow is clear for quilting and computer stuff.

  14. 17


    Now that I’m home from a few days of R&R it’s time to get my fabric together for the bom. Just got in tonight so I didn’t get to sew but I did get to stop at Marshall Dry Goods and purchase some more pfd fabric to dye.

  15. 19


    I’m joining you in the quiltaton. I’ve actually been doing a little more non-quilting than quilting, but did get more blue and yellow blocks done.

    As always, I’m amazed with what you accomplish. Thanks for organizing this.