Day 2 July Quiltathon

Did anyone really think I’d accomplish everything I planned to do yesterday?  I didn’t!  I got the quilt on the longarm finished.  Got a second quilt loaded and bobbins wound for when I do get a chance to quilt.  For the borders, I needed 64 simple border blocks done.  I thought I had them made already but I only had 16 of them made.  They’re all done now and I should be able to finish the borders by noon.  Hmmm, sounds like what I said yesterday!

What I hope to accomplish today:

  1. Finish the borders on Shadow Stars.
  2. Dig out Gratitude and see what needs to be done to get that finished.  My goal is to have it finished by the end of the weekend but I truly can’t remember how much is done on it.
  3. Dig out a red, white and blue top I’ve started and see how much needs to be done to get that top finished.  I’m knocking out those UFO’s!

We’re having hamburgers on the grill tonight so I’ve had light duty in the kitchen the past few days.

Hope someone else is sewing along with me today.



  1. 1


    I’m working on the Lavender Passion-a quilt for…da,da,dahhh….ME. I decided it needs to be bigger so more rows are needed.
    I’ll try to post a picture today but things have been a little crazy around here. I am sewing with you though!

  2. 2


    well my fabrics are cut that is about it..had a little pool issue so had to take care of that which was unexpected..glad you are getting things done! maybe today will be better…

  3. 3

    pdudgeon says

    yep sewing with you today as well. got to make my blueberry pancakes first, though. something i always do for these Quiltathons is to make blueberry pancakes for breakfast one of the two days. Got to make these days special!

    today i’ll be quilting the wallhanging that i loaded on the frame last night, and sewing on the binding from yesterday’s quilting. Bound one side already–three more to go!~

  4. 4


    I’m heading over there right now to sew for an hour before I have to hit the shower. But my quiltathon starts tonight when I get home. If you need me, speak loudly. Miss Bernina will be humming! ILY

  5. 5


    I was planning to join the rows on a silk quilt today, but I think it’s too warm to have that puddle of silk on my lap. So I’m just gonna keep on with the BOM quilt. I did all the cutting, I’ve sewn the center medallion, so now I’ll move on to the smaller blocks today (with the fan aimed right toward me). *July in Chicago*

  6. 6


    I got a 60×83 quilt loaded and quilted last night and then when I should have been going to bed I decided to start something new. Picts later today on that one. Hamburgers on the grill sounds great today.

  7. 7


    I’m sewing today Juday – I have a couple of gifts I need to get done and then I’ll be ready to put together the “wedding quilt” that I cut out 2 weeks ago. I will feel so much better when that top is done! I also need to get the borders put on my heart quilt and that won’t take long ag all – it seems to call for a simple floral border so no piecing to do for it. Blessings, marlene

  8. 8


    Im sewing like crazy !! have a 60″ carpenters star done. Now working on borders to make it near 98″.. a commission job so the faster I go the sooner I can SHOP !

    enchiladas & salad for supper here.. maybe a dip in the plasticpond later this afternoon. have fun ~K

  9. 9

    Dot says

    I have the 42 blocks completed. Now to start sewing them together and then decide how to add borders to make it queen size. Happy Quilter, happy quilter, happy quilter.

  10. 11


    I managed to get something done on my nine-patch today. Wish I had time to do more today, but I have to quit for now.

  11. 12


    I’ve put in some concentrated quilting time today. I made good progress on both of my projects, sewing blocks into a top and quilting a quilt, both for Project Linus. I’ll finish both of them tomorrow.

  12. 13


    I got together with a friend and we worked on our Gathering of the Grapes table runners in wool applique. Nearly done with the applique… next comes the quilting :o)

  13. 14

    pdudgeon says

    got pretty far today.
    got the borders of the wall hanging quilted and 6 of the 9 squares quilted as well. got tired, though, so i’ll finish up the rest of the quilting in the morning and then work on bindings for the rest of the weekend. Both of these are UFO’s. Got a stencil in today for 2 more UFO”s, so those will go on the frame next week.

  14. 15


    I’m working on my WackyChallenge…it’s due date is August 1st but everyone else has theirs done and in the mail! I better hurry and get my done…last but not least (?) I hope 🙂

  15. 16


    I’m getting a late start today. Didn’t have a good night so slept in quite late–makes me feel like a slug! Did a couple household chores, delivered a completed quilt and then drove into town for a bit of Taco Bell–I never do that. Came home and started putting the back together from my Sister’s quilt. I just have to load the back, fill the bobbins, decide on the panto and get started.

    Love the hair!

  16. 17


    After being gone all week today I went to a quilt show and to Walmart. I was able to get two blocks made for my evening guild lotto block. I also got prep work done for a class my morning guild is having next week. My dh cooked today so that gave me a little time to rinse fabric and get the above things done.

  17. 18

    Lynne in Hawaii says

    I wasn’t able to participate yesterday but managed a baby blanket today. It is a start after being on vacation for 3 weeks. Fun to have the machine humming!

  18. 19


    Sounds like you had a fun day of quilting planned Judy. I wasn’t able to quiltathon this month, but hopefully next month I’ll be ready! 🙂

  19. 20


    I finished my 100 9-patch blocks for my Guilds September group project. Looking forward to seeing the new quilt after we slice and dice these blocks!