More About the Accident

1. The woman had an insurance card but, sorry to judge a book by its cover, I’ll be pleasantly surprised if the insurance is still in effect.

2.  The people in this town are so nice!  A man saw the accident and came over to give me his card if I needed a witness.  I was crying and hadn’t been able to get in touch with Vince.  I knew Vince was in meetings all day and I didn’t have a clue how to get in touch with him if he doesn’t answer his direct line.  I should know that and I do now.

The witness has a friend who works at 3M and he said he would call his friend and get him to find Vince.  The policeman knew I was trying to call Vince and he called back to the police station and got them to call the guards’ office at 3M and find Vince.  Since Chad had worked out there last summer, he also knew how to find Vince so the phones at 3M must’ve been ringing off the wall with everyone looking for Vince.  By the time everyone got word to everyone, Chad and Vince both showed up at the accident, which happened about 3 blocks from home.  Bet everyone was wondering who would’ve shown up had it been a major accident since I got the whole family there for a fender bender.  But . . hey . . it was my CR-V that I love so much and I was pretty darned mad at that woman.

3.  Even though my car is old, we still keep full coverage so if the woman doesn’t have insurance, my own insurance will cover it.

4.  I don’t know if she got a ticket.  I guess I’ll see when I get the accident report.

Nothing happens quickly when you live so far from a city.  It will probably be Monday or Tuesday before I can get an accident report.  Then our insurance will send an adjuster out to look at it.  Our insurance doesn’t have any approved body shops here but we can use one that isn’t approved.  There are several here and we’ve used one already and the other one we like is owned by the husband of the girl who cuts my hair.  Either of those shops will be fine with me.


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    Evelyn says

    Gosh Judy – what a support system you have! Glad to hear that things seem sorted out now and that no-one was hurt. Sorry about your car – and that you missed your show too – all through no fault of your own. Just doesn’t seem fair. Oh – and I am assuming you have a NEW hairdresser?! other than the one your wrote that very funny blog post about! You take care.

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    OMG, Judy! I read this blog first, and high-tailed it down one post to read what happened. I’m so sorry for you. Yes, it could have been worse, but knowing that doesn’t make you any less inconvenienced by her stupidity! Thank God you’re okay!! ILY

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    I’m so glad to hear you weren’t hurt. Those darn cell phones are a pain in the butt when your in the car. You are so lucky to have such a great family to be there for you. Sorry you had to miss the trunk show I know how much I enjoyed your. Judi

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    Theresa says

    Judy, I nominated you for an award. Check out my blog for details. Sounds like you had a tough day!

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    Dora says

    Albuquerque outlawed use of cell phones unless hands free–that really doesn’t help.
    But the real stickler is that they didn’t outlaw text messaging!!!! So just about every day on our way home we see erratic drivers on the crowded interstate texting.
    Insane as well as dangerous!
    I’m glad you’re okay and that your car will be!

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    Karen (Misiz C) says

    Darn it! I’m glad you are ok but I can understand your anger. This was totally preventable. I just got back from a 700+ mile trip here in CA during the 3 week of our new law and saw many people not using hands free devices. It’s my understanding that the various jurisdictions are given latitude in levels of enforcement. My town is really cracking down but not so with others. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the repair process goes smoothly.

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    Connie says

    first and foremost, I’m just glad you’re ok! You are the most important! However, I know you love your car! I have been know to talk and drive but try to keep it brief and only when I have to. I’ll do better now. I’ll pray that she does have insurance……I was hit big time years ago in a Honda Accord by a tank, I mean 1960 something Dodge truck and the guy seemed to have insurance, but NOPE! It’s a hassle, but I did have full coverage, thank goodness! Hang in there……….I wish I could come over and hug ya!

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    Oh, honey! That’s so awful! What a hassle! I can tell you from experience that you can have your insurance get started on the work before the accident report is filed. I was in an accident last year and had a rental car the next day and they sent someone out to get an estimate on the work the next day, too. It was a good thing because the police didn’t get the accident report filed for a week and I didn’t get the insurance information on the other driver for a week either. She didn’t even get out of the car to see if I was OK or to give me her name or insurance info or anything! I am still ticked off about that.

    Anyway, get your insurance to get started on the repairs and then they should go to her or her insurance to get reimbursed for everything. {{HUGS}} Hope you are feeling better!

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    Glad you are OK. I don’t usually talk on the phone when driving but then I don’t usually drive. Keith can be bad about driving and talking – he took a call tonight when we were running errands. I keep thinking that all states will go ahead and outlaw it one of these days.

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    Oh Judy! I’m so sorry you were hit. I do talk on the cell phone while driving, but with a hands-free device called a blue tooth, and only if someone calls me. I generally don’t make calls while driving, because I’d have to look and the phone and see the buttons, which I can’t do if I’m looking at the road. I agree – it should be a law in every state that you can’t drive and hold a cell phone at the same time! I’m glad you weren’t hurt and I hope the car is repaired soon.

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    Sorry you had such a rotten day. Really glad you aren’t hurt and that your men were close enough to get there for you.

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    Wow Judy, I’m so sorry to hear this! Thank God you weren’t hurt!

    Cell phones… don’t get me started. I don’t even have one anymore.

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    so glad you are ok. It’s scary out there with idiots talking and texting anddoing everything but paying attention. They are outlawed here in NY but not a day goes by that I don’t see some moron yakking it up on the road. Enforcement is needed.
    Hope your car troubles are resolved soon.

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    Marla says

    I am so glad you are ok. Sometimes I think we would have a more stress free world without cell phones. Just think, only 10 years ago, the majority of people did not have one. Now 12 year old kids think they have to have one! Your insurance agent should get you hooked up to a car rental ASAP without having to wait for the accident report. It is just metal; it can be fixed. You are what is most important!

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    Glad it was the car and not you who was hurt…you are okay, right? We lost our little Cavalere (spelled wrong!) a few years ago to a teenage, in his Daddy’s big truck, talking on a phone.

    Also, enjoyed the thread post…very informative!


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    How awful! I know how you felt about your car. I’m glad you weren’t injured, though.

    Did you get your camera? How do you like it, if you did?

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    I am so happy you are ok. I hope your car will not be tied up for too long…I love those Honda CRV’s!