Laptop Update


There is good news from Judy’s Magic Cave of Life (which is what Chad calls my life!).  The laptop fiasco with Office Depot and the warranty/repair company has been resolved. Once we finally were able to discuss the matter with someone who seemed interested in resolving the issue rather than getting us to go away, things moved along quickly.

I now have a new laptop (not from Office Depot). I got an HP Pavilion. Vince likes the Pavilion so I just went with that. I have to learn Vista! Poor old dog . . trying to learn all these new tricks — Vista, Photoshop, new camera. My brain is getting overloaded.

Anyway, hopefully we’ll never discuss laptop woes again!


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    Karen L says

    My DD had no problem changing over to Vista and when I’ve been working on her laptop, I haven’t noticed that is any different that windows. Enjoy the new laptop.

    Karen L

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    Well, at least some things are working out in the Magic cave! I’ve been using vista since it came out and I like it just fine. It’s really not that different IMHO. I use Vista at home and XP at work. There’s very little transition.

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    Congratulations! I use Vista and haven’t noticed enough differences in it to make me uncomfortable. Minor changes, that’s all. Blessings, marlene

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    I also have Vista on an HP Pavilion. Love it….I did however have a hard drive crash 11 days prior to my one year warranty expiring. They were great… sent me a new one overnight.

    I didn’t have any trouble learning Vista either…

    Good luck…

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    Vista works fine, I like it much better than XP myself. I much, much prefer my new iMac thought, Leopard is awesome!

    Perhaps I need you to come handle our warranty issues with Dodge and our truck, we’re getting nowhere. LOL

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    That’s great news that you got a new laptop. My hardrive is being recovered by the corporate office of best buy. They said it would cost $250 and we will have to drive an hour each way to pick it up but after complaining to the main guy that is doing all this he said pay it and send him the receipt and he will reimburse us so I’m getting everything off old harddrive for nothing. I’m so happy I will have my pictures back.

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Whew…something good! It is about time because good things SHOULD happen to GOOD people!

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    glad to read that they finally helped you out! whew 🙂

    GOod luck with Vista. David ordered me a laptop as my birthday gift (also our computer is almost dead these days so it’s time for something new) and he says it will have Vista on it. I hope it isn’t too hard to learn…

    At least if I have any questions, I will have a buddy to chat with and ask 🙂 maybe we can figure it out together? 🙂

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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    I’m so glad this was resolved! Paul has been using an old HP he bought from a friend while his Dell was laid up. It’s about 4 years old, and seemed great to me. Of course, he has Unix Ubuntu on it, not anything Windows.