Adding a Pieced Border


I love adding pieced borders to my quilts. Most of the borders are quite simple. In my borders class, we cover many topics but one that always seems to get lots of “oh . . that’s not so hard!” comments is when we go over my “Making a Pieced Border Fit” handout.

When you download the file (it’s a .pdf), don’t panic! There are several steps. Take each step one step at a time. Don’t worry about Step 2, til you’ve done Step 1. It will work . . take your time.

Because I hope this will help you all and you’ll use it often, and every time you use it, you’ll think good thoughts about me, I’ve added a page over on the left so it will always be there and you won’t have to go searching for this post.



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    Thanks Judy. Now that is some information I can really use. I have printed your instructions and will be trying it out on the next top.

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    Thanks so much–I’m sure I could have figured some of it out on my own, but it would have taken so very long and I would have had mathematical brain mush from it! This will be so handy!

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    Carol says

    Thank you so much for the handout with the great instructions and guidelines. I also loved pieced borders and this will really help! Your blog is wonderful!

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    Great tip Judy! Thanks! I’ll be sharing this with my quilty peeps at our retreat. I’ll send them to your blog too!

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    Good morning – is anyone other than me having troubles? I get a “first page” that says diagonally across the page and the 2nd page just adds arrows.



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    Thank you for sharing Judy. I am in the process of trying to make a border work on a mini-bowtie/SBS quilt top….. and so far what I want to do isn’t working. The quilt top is 52×68 right now…. and I wanted to add a solid color strip and then finish with bowties. But trying to find a number divisible by six is proving frustrating (the bowties are 6″ finished) as I can’t find an equal width for the sides and ends for the solid color strip.

    Not that you needed to know all that LOL….. but thanks for listening anyway :o)


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    Marilyn says

    Thanks, Judy, you are such a good teacher. I had this information in a book and loaned it out and have not gotten it back. It’s been a while since I lent it. Anybody have any ideas how to tactfully ask for your stuff back?

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    pdudgeon says

    printed this out and will staple it inside your book so it won’t get lost. thank you, Judy!

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    neen says

    Thanks, Judy! I love piecing borders but it’s always “hit or miss” with them, for me. I need your tutorial!!!!

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    Sandy says

    Like Marne, I am having problems with the pdf. For some reason, my computer won’t even open it. Judy, is there any chance you could just post the content of the pdf as a blog entry, or would that be a lot of extra work? I can easily print blog entries. Thanks!

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    Naomi says

    I couldn’t print it earlier today and just installed the lasted version of acrobat for my computer. Still won’t open. . . . :<(

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    Linda says

    Hi Judy!
    Have been trying to print out the tutorial on borders. I keep getting a message that the file is damaged and can’t be repaired. Didn’t have any trouble printing out your “Catch a spinning star” pattern. Anyone else having this problem?
    Hugs from Linda in Norway