Opening the PDF

So far, I’ve heard from two who are having problems opening the .pdf for the borders.  Please check to see what version of Acrobat Reader you’re using.  You need 6 or higher to open the .pdf.  Please let me know what version you’re using so I’ll know if that’s the problem.  If you need to update to a newer version of Adobe Acrobat, please do that.

Everything with the BOM is going to be in .pdf format so, if you’re planning to do the BOM, please make sure you can download the border handout page and you’ll know you can also download the BOM.




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    Linda (Petey) says

    The pdf worked fine…and such good directions, a step at a time. Hopefully I can do the BOM and not have to ask stupid questions! Thanks, Judy.

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    Karen (Misiz C) says

    At first I had the same problems as the other two gals but I realized my computer was trying to open the pdf file with Preview instead of Acrobat Reader. I have Reader on my computer…. just had to reset it to be the default for pdf files. Hope this helps.

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    Amy says

    HI JUDY!

    Sorry to miss you Tues. night. I’m glad you’re ok! Are you ready for another book signing? Our shop hop is coming up soon! 🙂 Love the Star BOM!!

    Amy @ Block-By-Block

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    if he is on the internet looking it up, wouldn’t it be funny if a google search landed him here at Patchwork Times and your post about memory foam pillows? 😉

    You know, maybe it is possible… that if he was sick when he last used it… ? I dun know? 😉

    Glad your eyes are better. ~bonnie