Quilting Fun

Do you ever get tired of sewing/quilting? I do not! That kinda surprises me because in my life, I’ve gone through hobbies and the only one that has “stuck” has been quilting. I’ve been quilting for 28 years! Not always as prolific as you now know me to be though.

If I piece for days and days, then I’m really anxious to get to the longarm and make feathers . . or whatever else I may get to do. If I’m on the longarm for days and days, then I can’t wait to get back to piecing . . even cutting is fun.

When I used to work at a 9 – 5 job, mostly before Chad, I can remember the excitement of walking out the door on Friday and knowing I had the weekend to do whatever I wanted to do. That’s how I felt this morning when I finished the last scheduled longarming job for this week. I thought I could finish it last night but gave up at 2 a.m. I hopped right out of bed early this morning, finished this last quilt, got three boxes ready for UPS, which is 6 quilts out the door and the rest of the weekend is mine to spend sewing.

I did have to do a bit of house cleaning and cooking for the weekend, and there was a nap to be had but now . . the weekend is mine!

This was the last quilt I had to do for the week. I’ll admit that when I opened the package with this quilt, I felt my knees begin to tremble and my palms felt a little sweaty! This quilt could take months to quilt! This lady could owe me millions of dollars! YES! My son is in college. Millions of dollars is exactly what I need!


Reality set in and I came to my senses and I knew this lady was not going to pay me millions of dollars so the best thing for me to do was come up with a quilting plan that might not take months because it had to be something affordable. She did a wonderful (as in *perfect*) job of piecing this quilt.


It’s beautiful and I love it and I’d be thrilled if someone gave me one. But, I don’t have any desire ever to piece something this intricate. I don’t think I have the patience to piece one single block for this quilt! Do you see how tiny some of those pieces are? My hat is off to anyone who makes one of these.

I ended up stitching in the ditch, because I’m a big fan of SID, and because I think it really makes the shapes/pieces look more crisp. Sometimes when I don’t SID, the quilting will kinda push the pieces around and they just aren’t as crisp. Anyone who did this much work on a top deserves for me to keep everything straight and lined up so that’s why I choose to do the extra work it takes to do the SID.

Anyway, I used monopoly for the top and Bottom Line in the bobbin for all the SID. For the feathers and flowers which I used for the larger shapes, I used Bottom Line in the bobbin and Signature 100% cotton (Baguette color) on the top. I originally planned to match the top thread, then I decided to use gray in the blocks, and tan in the pointy things where I put the flowers but I decided using the same color (Baguette) throughout, made the quilting less busy and distracting and gave it some sense of uniformity.


Don’t know how much of the quilting you can see in the pictures but I’m very pleased with it and think the owner will be also. It’s boxed up and ready for UPS to pick up.




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    That is a beautiful quilt! I’m with you on quilting. I never get tired of it and so far I still have more ideas than time. I love every step of the process – except maybe sewing on the label!

  2. 4


    Gorgeous quilt!!!!
    I agree about the quilting…..I can’t imagine my life without it or my sewing machine. I love it all….except freemotion. I plan to be sewing right up to the end. 🙂

  3. 5


    that quilt is stunning! your quilting is awesome, perfect job! I am right with you as far as quilting/sewing/piecing…I love it and will do it until I drop!

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    Wow is right, that is a stunner! I don’t have the patience for piecing like that, so I admire others that do.

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    Wow! That is an awesome quilt and your quilting is beautiful.
    I don’t get tired of quilting either. I’ve knitted, done crochet on and off, but quilting is what I am always doing (which translates to a ‘zillion’ unfinished quilting projects). I don’t have the long experience you do – I’ve been at it for only about 6 years and I have loved every moment of it.

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    Oh my that is the most incredible quilt! What an honor to have worked on it! I’m sure between her work and yours, it’s going to win an award somewhere!

  7. 10

    pdudgeon says

    yep, that’s definitely a showstopper quilt!
    takes your breath away, and how lucky that you got to be a huge part of it! thanks for sharing with us.

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    Oh my GOSH! That is amazing, and your quilting made it even more beautiful! Nice work.. you should be VERY proud of yourself!

  9. 12


    Beautiful quilting Judy, and WOW – 6 quilts out the door. That’s pretty amazing. I sent 2 on their way tonight and loaded another.

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    Karen L says

    Don’t you just love quilts that send you sizzling!!!! The quilt is fantasic just as your quilting in.

    Karen L

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    Anna says

    I love this quilt – pickle dish or statue of liberty may be its name – whatever the pattern it is a stunning quilt and you both did a fabulous job.
    Thank you for sharing it!
    Regards from A western canadian Quilter,

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    Scarlett says

    WONDERFUL quilt. I can’t see the quilting, but from your description, it sounds like you quilt your customers quilts just as you would do your own…with care. Bravo!

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    Linda M says

    What a quilt Judy and great job of quilting. I’m with you, I could never piece anything so intricate.

  14. 21


    Lovely quilt, I am glad that she let you share it on your blog. I feel the same way about that (those types of) pattern… I love them, but I wouldn’t want to do one!

  15. 22


    It’s a paperpieced Karen Stone pattern that I have as an UFO somewhere in the attic. Seeing this one makes me itch to get mine out. Better finish some stuff that is already down first however.