Those Evil Pillows


Vince is sick!  He has a sore throat.  When Vince is sick . . well, if you’re married, you probably know how awful it is for a man to be sick.

Remember that Vince was so sure my memory foam pillow was causing my eye problems.  It isn’t!  I’ve gone back to using it.  I am taking some online classes and I think I had been spending way too much time staring at the computer screen.  I’ve cut back on the amount of time I’m on the computer and my eye is much better.

Back to Vince.  He must’ve been touched by how sad I was when I couldn’t use my memory foam pillow and he began using his.  After a week or so, he came down with a sore throat and yep . . I’ll bet you guessed it.  He thinks the memory foam pillow may have caused his sore throat!

I’d better not laugh.  He’s probably on the internet right now looking for some study that shows a correlation between memory foam pillows and sore throats!



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    Oh Judy that is so funny, but so much a man thing. I have a Temperpedic mattress and pillows and they are wonderful! They don’t bother my eyes or give me a sore throat and I’ve been sleeping on this bed for 4 years now. 🙂 However, I must tell you husband doesn’t like them at all and sleeps in the other bedroom. Since he snores very loudly, very, very (I do too but I don’t hear myself) I’m ok with that! What kind of classes are you taking? Blessings, marlene

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    Mine is not the stereotypical can’t-handle-pain type who goes to bed with a hangnail. Mine is the opposite. He insists he’s fine when he’s running a fever and throwing up and wants to GO TO WORK like that. Never mind that he’s spreading germs all over the place, he is indispensable! The show cannot go on without him! He will be strong! He will be brave! Nothing can stop him from doing his duty!


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    ROFLOL. I need to get one of those pillows – so I’d have an reason for all my aches and pains! Poor Judy!

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    Don’t they say bad things happen in three’s? I think this counts!! Hope you and yours are feeling better. I am really happy you finally had the computer issue resolved. Looking forward to your stars BOM.

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    I’ll laugh for you, that’s hilarious! Hehe
    I also have one of the idiot hubby’s who still, at nearly 50, thinks he’s immortal and doesn’t stop for anything.

    Best thing to do when mine is sick is for me to go visit my mom! LOL

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    Susan says

    Ahh, more man logic. Good thing it’s so funny ’cause otherwise it’d be just plain sad. ;^)

    By the way, your PDF opened just fine for me and I LOVE it. Great resource.

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    Tricia Sagen says

    That is sooo funny…and sooo familiar! My husband will have a headache(he gets them a few times a month-and has had them for most of his life!) and yet he still tries to find a new “reason” for them-“maybe it was the milk I had 4 days ago” or “last week I pet a chihuahua”!!!
    Men just crack me up sometimes!
    I am just glad you’ve got your pillow back!

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    Marge says

    Love the quilt on your bed – do you plans on teaching how to make it?

    Sorry about Vince – hope he is up and back to work soon!

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    Oh too funny! they come up with the darndest reasons for things happening dont they! I hope he continues to use his pillow, so he will get a good nights sleep and get better LOL!

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    Karen L says

    They couldn’t possibly have a plain old virus……I like the way they always play doctor and figure out the reason they are sick…with a virus!!!!

    Karen L

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    Where do they get this stuff?? Keith comes out with the most outrageous things sometimes. I think they just make most of it up.

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    Rose says

    Oh, these men. My husband of 51 years also has his quirks about his pillow(s). He used to just use one foam pillow as we both did for years but now he has the foam pillow on the bottom and on top of that has a wimpy polyester pillow also. I would have a stiff neck sleeping with all that height. My preferred pillow is a memory foam type that is geared to a person that sleeps on their side. Have had it now for about a year and I no longer have a stiff neck. Other foam pillow caused my neck to be sore. Admit the memory foam pillow is alot heavier and not all of my pillowcases fit it (need to make some larger ones) but I love my pillow just the same. They are pricey but was able to get mine at 1/2 off.
    Love your blog and copied some of the recipes which I plan to try soon.

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    Hum….. It’s not the pillow? You mean to tell me your monitor is giving off some gas that’s causing you eye to go red? Well, I say limit your computer time and use that pillow! lol Glad to read that the pillow thing is being resolved. Hope Vince feels better soon!