A Man, A Kid & A Dog


Looks like he got plenty of sleep! But . . why is he in my quilting area anyway?


Looks like he maybe didn’t get enough sleep. Looks just a tad grumpy! Those all nighters with the guys are hard on a young man who likes 12 hours of sleep! And . . why is he in my quilting area?


This one . . he just wants to get under his quilt and sleep. He never gets enough sleep. Although Vince calls him “devil dog”, he truly doesn’t have red eyes in real life. They’re bright blue! Sorry about the privates being front and center. Speck isn’t very modest . . he got that from Vince! 🙂

Back to the man, the kid and the dog . . Who needs ’em? Who wants ’em? Possibly my view of life is a bit skewed but I don’t cause problems for anyone in this house and I surely don’t mess with anyone else’s sleep. Why does everyone want to mess with mine?

Friday night was the night Chad wanted to talk til 2 a.m. I was happy to talk to him (for a while!) since we only have meaningful conversations when he’s in the mood. He could care less about my need to converse with him . . it’s always on his terms but that’s ok. He’s 20 and I’ll take what I can get.

Saturday night I thought I’d go to bed early . . at least by midnight. Chad was staying with his buddies out on a friend’s family’s farm. It isn’t the farm that Chad likes . . it’s the pond with the fish on the farm. I didn’t have to worry about what time he got home.

Just as I turned off the laptop about 12:10 a.m., the electricity went off. Vince was still up but we were both ready for bed so it wasn’t a big deal to get to bed in the dark. We keep plenty of flashlights around here. After we went to bed, we kept saying . . Did you turn off the TV? Did you turn off the lamp? Did you do this? Did you do that? I kept giggling and then we really couldn’t go to sleep.

2:45 a.m. the electricity came back on. The ceiling fan starting back up woke me up. Did Vince wake up? NO! He didn’t know the power was back on til he woke up this morning. I got up and made rounds through the house to turn off the TV, reset the clocks, etc. Went back to sleep and Speck woke up about 6:15. Can’t I get a full night’s sleep around this house?

The other day Speck jumped off the back of the sofa . . kinda high for a dachshund. I was so afraid he’d hurt his back but he seemed to be ok. But, this morning when I picked him up to put him out of the bed (I won’t let him jump out of bed), he squealed like he was hurt. He’s a wimp anyway and I was too sleepy so I just put him down and tried to go back to sleep. Finally got out of bed at 7:00 and Vince said “Speck is hurt. He can hardly walk.” OMG! Panic set in. He was on the sofa with Vince so I picked him up, brought him in the kitchen and tried to get him to walk. Nope, tail tucked between his legs. Not budging. My heart was fluttering, I wanted to cry. But wait . .

When I was at Vicky’s in January, Daisy was wearing a harness instead of a collar. I know the harness is better for a dachshund than a collar and at the risk of sounding stupid . . we had bought a harness but never could figure out how to get it on Speck. He has that bum front right leg and if you touch it wrong, he hollers. The harness Vicky had was easy to get on though. It had a different fastening gizmo than did the one we bought. Vicky had one that she had bought that was too small for Daisy so she gave it to me with specific instructions on how to get it on Speck. With Chad’s help, I was able to get it on but it was always kinda loose in the front.

Somehow during the night, Speck had gotten his front leg through the front loop and it was holding his leg so he could barely move his front left leg. Thankfully it wasn’t his bad leg or we’d probably have had to cut it off him.

We removed the harness and he’s back to full speed. Scared the heck out of me though. I put the collar back on him and will just leave that on but we’ll put the harness on him when it’s time to put the leash on him and not leave the harness on him.

Tonight, I’m going to bed at 10:00 and if anyone wakes me up before 6 a.m. . . it had better involve smoke or blood! Hear that Vince? Hear that Chad? Hear that Speck?



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    wow I would be dragging with that amount of sleep! Hope you get your zzzz’s in tonight…rest up! glad Speck is ok!!

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    My heart was in my throat reading about Speck. Then I read the line that started when you were at my house and I started laughing — I knew exactly why Speck couldn’t walk! ROFLOL. Sorry you were worried! I forgot to tell you that happens occasionally! LOL (Hugs)

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    Bless your heart when I don’t get enough sleep I’m a bear! Grrrrrr! I’m so glad Speck is ok – it’s so scary when our little friends are hurt. Blessings, marlene

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    I don’t leave Chesty’s harness on him either, we put it one when he’s going out for a walk.

    Unfortunately, his knee is definitely injured – he’s limping and I’ll call tomorrow for a surgical consult. I guess there’s a chance that they’ll continue to try and treat him without surgery but I doubt it . Poor baby.

    My desktop with iTunes is down in my quilting room and Keith hid out there most of yesterday – we’ve been working in the kitchen – the island makes a great craft table but I’m REALLY looking forward to getting back to my quilting if I still remember how after a month.

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    Poor Speck! I’ve known dogs who just refuse to walk once you put one of those on them. My cats just fall over, as if you shot them, if I put a collar on them! LOL I hope you finally got an entire night of rest.