Weekend Progress

Remember I showed one block I had made on Saturday afternoon?  I got all the blocks finished Saturday night and Sunday.  Even though the blocks are all done, I’ll have to put them away and save the rest of this project for another day.


I had been wanting to make this quilt totally scrappy.  Being totally scrappy doesn’t come easy for me.  Even though I started out wanting it to be all scrappy, I kept trying to convince myself to make the chain blocks all red, using all different reds.  That would still be scrappy but planned.  Nope.  Wanted it to be all scrappy.  Then I decided to maybe make the chain blocks using all blacks.  Nope . . not gonna do that either.

I did it!  I made it totally scrappy.  Just used whichever square I picked up.

Since the blocks were made from scraps of recent quilts, it’s almost totally brights and I love it!


When I’m working on a quilt and a cut a strip, then cut the squares but there’s more strip left over, I cut it up into squares and put them all in the appropriate storage container.  Here’s my 3-1/2″ container on the left, the 2″ container and the 3-1/2 Tri-Recs container.  These are after I had finished the blocks so you can guess how many more squares/triangles there were before I started.  Didn’t make much of a dent.



  1. 5


    That’s dynamite! My scrap bins aren’t nearly so colorful! I do have a bright UFO that needs borders, so I’ll be watching to see what you do with this one! Congrats on doing scrappy!

  2. 6


    My first response – “Judy made a scrappy quilt!” (Then I said – she only used 1 background fabric…)

    Nice quilt

  3. 7

    Betty J in OKC says

    This is the BEST quilt that you’ve ever made, IMHO. I love your use of scrappy. If I didn’t have about a dozen UFOs on my sewing table, I’d start one of these today!!!!!!!!!! Great quilt!!

  4. 8


    What a fun, cheerful quilt! Scrappy is my favorite. I might have to break out of my shell and try using more brights. I tend to be pretty safe. You’re an inspiration!

  5. 12


    I just noticed, if you click on the photo of the block from a previous post, the background IS scrappy! It just reads solid in this picture. Woo-hoo!

  6. 16

    pdudgeon says

    this is definitely one happy quilt!
    love the bright and scrappy rainbow look you’ve achieved.

  7. 18


    I love it too, it’s wonderful! And I’m in awe of your organized scrap bins. I throw all mine in one basket, it’s a disaster!

  8. 23

    silverthimble says

    I love this pattern scrappy! You do have controlled scrappy though–all brights! LOL That is ok, we understand how hard it is to do scrappy. 🙂

  9. 25


    I love this quilt. It sparkles. I had to laugh as you were describing how hard it was to keep it scrappy because I think that might be how I felt when picking out fabrics for the Star BOM. I want everything to be scrappy…how can I pick out only 8 fabrics.