Show us Block #1

Once you get your first block done, will you please post it on your blog and share a link here?

Remember that you link needs to be to a specific post, not to your main blog page.


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    I’m sitting in a cute pine-paneled cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and I just finished my block, except for pressing (no iron). I hand pieced this one because I was too lazy to get the sewing machine out yet.

    So far I’m very happy with my fabrics.

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    It’s not my final fabric choices but it’s DONE. And, it went together easier than I thought it would. Thanks a million for teaching this old dog a new trick – like sewing triangles, instead of squares on the corners and trimming!

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    Wow Judy, thanks for the BOM. It is really nice. I haven’t done a BOM or a star quilt before. I am learning to slow down in my piecing, make the corners match and not cut off the star points. I am looking forward to making this one.

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    Hi Judy. Love the BOM. Stretched my skills but I learned so much. Thanks for holding my hand with your great instructions.

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    I am admiring the first block. Alas, that may be all I can do. I guess I have the scrappy stash. Lots of fats; a few yardage, but enough to make your quilt. Somehow, I am going to make it happen….my dh will probably tear my hair out if I purchase more fabric….hmmmm, wonder how I will look bald…lol… I have to have it!!!!!! lol,

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    I’m excited to start this – just found it so I might be a few days behind, since I need to choose fabric. Thank you for your generosity to post these.

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    Okay, I think I’m finally gettting the idea. I finished my star – I really love it, although I hope the point police don’t come to visit (the 3/16 and the 5/16 cuts aren’t exactly perfect I don’t think), but I’m very please with the product anyway. Thank you for doing this, Judy.
    Julie in Oregon

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    The 3/16 and 5/16 weren’t bad at all! The block went together perfectly, and I love getting to see everyone else’s blocks!

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    I finished my block #1! I love seeing everyone’s blocks! Others give me inspiration to continue, and get ideas!

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    One down, looking forward to the next one! I’m not sure about those 16ths, my eyes protest!! However, the block went together smoothly (once I stopped making foolish mistakes)

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    OK, truth be told, this block is a practice block as I decided to “round up” the 8th’s and 16th’s . . . can you say, BIG, BIG, mistake?

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    It has been fun checking out everyone’s blocks…they are so diverse…makes it interesting….I have left comments on some but it gets time consuming so have not done them all…I am looking forward to the 2nd block…

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    Thanks Judy for the BOM I’ve never done a BOM so this will be fun. I couldn’t decide on colors and fabric so I’m just going to do the quilt scrappy. Love looking at the others blocks.

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    Block one is finished. A little problems with the star points coming out correct, but I will do better on the next one. I can’t wait!

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    I do like my square.It actually is 12 inches sq. I almost gave it up. Would quilter Polly go to my blog. I answered your question.

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    I’ve finished my block. Whew! Stretchin’ me here! Is this supposed to be 12″ NOW or when the quilt is all done?

    This is the first time I’ve really depended on my machine to do it ‘perfectly’ and I even did a test seam before hand to check for ‘perfect’ 1/4 inch seams after sewing and pressing. I thought I had it but the block now is ‘about’ 12-1/4″ which isn’t perfect for either size! LOL


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    Debbie W. says

    I too have posted my block and like Lynn’s my block measures 12 14″. I hope that will be okay! Please take a look!

  18. 29

    Lynn says

    Judy, Can you answer my question about the size of the block? I’m a little concerned about how this came out since I thought I was being so very careful!
    Lynn K

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    Saturday I decided I wanted to change the background gray that I used so purchased another light gray but with a different dynamic to it…the other one was too directional for me…women can change their mind…I am satisfied with this…and it also finished 12 1/2″ …hoorah…I had been off a little with the other one…

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    I thought the block was suppose to be 12″ or is that the finished block? I am very new to quilting so any info will help. Thanks

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    Laura says

    I don’t have a blog, nor do I know how to post a picture. But, I finished my block , and I love it! I especially love that with a little tug here, and a little tug there, it came out 12 1/2 ” (unf.). ..used Christmas fabrics, green with gold snowflakes, red with gold stars/ moons, background white with specks of gold and silver, gold holly leaves on white.

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    Diane says

    Have not made the block yet, just found out about your BOM program. Mine will probably be all scrappy with same background fabric.

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    Sue Williams says

    Judy – had so much fun with Topsy Turvy in Houma. You are a terrific teacher. Hope we can have you back again. Please send instruction for Block 1. Thanks, Sue Williams, Patterson, La.
    PS We have a few more bridges in La.

  24. 38


    I finally decided to make the quilt with an assortment of fabrics. The plan is to use black, assorted creams-background, Ethnic prints, and batiks! This will be a fun project to try and coordinate the colors…..