Stash Report Week 31

How’d you do this week?

Are you happy with your efforts so far this year? If not, do you know why? I know I could’ve done better and mostly my downfall has been good, quilt shop quality fabric I found on sale. I just can’t beat myself up over adding name brand, quality fabrics for $4 – $6/yard.

I added nothing and I used 17.50 yards! Next week I will get into the positive territory probably for the fisrt time this year. If I quilt a couple of my own tops, I can go through some yardage for the backings and that will boost my numbers greatly! Here’s my report!

Fabric added this week – 0 yards
Fabric added year to date – 282 yards

Fabric used this week – 17.50 yards
Fabric used year to date – 271.50 yards

Net Used to Date – <10.5 yards>

Someone asked me last week how I keep up with my yardage use. I keep a little pad by my cutting table and I write down what I use. When I cut fabric for a top, I write down the total fabric required for the top and then if I don’t finish the top during the week, I guess at whether I’m 1/4 or 2/3 or 3/4 or whatever percentage done with the top and then I just used that percentage of the total. I’m not worried about being 100% correct down to the inches — just getting close. On my pad this week, you might can see that I have 1 yard down for the Scrappy Stars. They were almost all made last week but I had a few more that went on this week’s numbers. I finished the tops for both Gratitude and Winter Break.


Please share a link to how you did on with your stashbusting efforts this week.



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    Yay for cheap quality fabric!

    What I did to start keeping track of my fabric was I went through all the pieces I had and measured each one. I rounded it down to the nearest fraction. Like if I had 6 inches, I’d say it’s 1/8th of a yard. Anything actually less than 1/8th is listed as 0 yards. I haven’t used any of my fabric so I haven’t had to subtract any yet!

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    Oooops..I entered my name in your stashbusting thingie when I meant to be signing up for the BOM. I hope I did not mess anything up. Anyway, I scrolled down and entered it in the BOM too. I have started looking at Block #1 and making some plans. Hopefully have something to post by the end of the day – I want to do my in Red/White/Blue so need to play around with the colors a little in EQ6.

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    June says

    I am almost finished the quilt for my nieces new baby (not born yet) and the whole quilt came from my stash including the backing. I’m ecstatic. She wanted Winnie the Pooh and I had this 4 yard piece of traditional Winnie fabric in my stash and I used the sashing, corner stone and borders from my stash and for the backing too. And, horror of horrors I’m going to quilt it myself.

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    What a great stash busting week. Way to go Judy! I must tell you that I love ready not only your report but I link to each of the other reporters. What an impressive, talented group of quilters! Thanks for providing a vehicle such as the stash busting report.

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    I made some progress this week also. I donated 10+ yards of kid prints to the charity workshop, but I didn’t count all that.