Another Day of Shopping

On August 2, I said: Yep, Life is Good! I shouldn’t have to go shopping again for a while.

Totally NOT true! Yesterday morning when I got up, Vince had already read all the sale ads online. Vince likes a little bitty laptop. I’d get the biggest one I could find if it was up to me. Last week he bought one that was smaller than the one he’d bought a month ago but there were a couple in the sale ads that were even smaller. He decided he’d take back the one he bought last week and get the smaller one. Since he hadn’t used it yet and got a great deal on it, I called my dad to see if he wanted it. Yes, he does. Vince said he would ask Chad to go to Kansas City with him. Whew . . I was off the hook but I felt really bad .. he does so much for me, the least I can do is spend another day shopping . . but that’s the last time for a very long time . . I hope! I got dressed, then Chad was up and he said he’d go so we all went.

Honestly, Vince was pretty quick about everything this trip. For the most part, he knew what he wanted and we didn’t have to do a lot of walking the aisles comparing everything.


Here’s some of the loot! A new laptop for Vince. A new desktop for Judy. A new monitor for Judy. Another MP3 player for Vince (I think that makes #4 for him!), a new external hard drive for Judy (actually I got 2 since I need to backup the desktop and I want to keep photos on a separate one), 2 pairs of shoes for Vince, 1 pair of shoes for Judy. Chad got 4 pairs of pants, 2 shirts, a Blue Tooth thing because after my wreck, he’s afraid I’ll flush the cell phone down the toilet if I catch him talking on the phone while driving. We also went to Hyvee Grocery Store and bought a few things there. Of course, we had to shop at Target because you never know . . we were just in Target in Joplin on Friday but there could’ve been more good stuff that we needed at Target in KC on Sunday. Once again, I can’t remember what we bought there. I think I’ve blocked it from my brain!

That’s it! I’ve met my shopping quota for 2008. I will not go shopping anywhere with anyone the rest of the year! And, if we buy anything else, we’d have to buy a bigger house because this one is FULL!



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    Ohmygoodness….when you say shopping, you do mean SHOPPING. That was quite a haul. I have printed out the instructions for your block and drew it up in EQ6 so I could play with the colors and I do like the Red/White/Blue theme. I did not get to work on it though since I remembered I had board meeting tonight for my guild and I had not done the financial reports yet. So..maybe tomorrow night.

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    Linda says

    Wow, that Vince is quite the shopper, and the rest of you seem to be holding up your end, too. 🙂 A question for you–Does Vince have a secret money tree in the back yard? If so, could you send me a few seeds? LOL How will you get ANY quilting done with a new computer to play with. I have to put a new hard drive in one of the library computers & really dread spending the time to put everything back on. Oh well, that’s why they pay me the big bucks———-not!!

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    Evelyn says

    Well, the man works hard and likes to shop – I guess that is a good equation (afterall, engineers are supposed to be good at equations, right?). But do tell him that you can’t get any more computers or you will run out of E-Quilt installations, LOL!

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    pdudgeon says

    OMG did i laugh! Vince is just amazing.
    When he retires he should start a second career as a personal shopper. Sounds like he’s in training already.

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    thanks Judy for adding a “shopping” label! I can’t wait until David gets home so I can read to him some more of yours and Vince’s adventures!

    You are so funny! Enjoy your new desktop. I’m still getting use to my new laptop that arrived 8/2. It’s bigger than I thought. David ordered me the 17″ screen… maybe I’m more like VInce than I thought? except I don’t have deep pockets like he does! LOL 😛 4MP3’s really?!?!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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    If it was still July, I would say hey Christmas in July for you! that is wonderful to have those new toys…enjoy them!

  7. 10

    Karen L says

    Oh Judy……you just have to get away from those “manly” stores…..really…..Harbor Freight????…….You need some serious “quilt shop” therapy to get you in the mood to shop again……you know….a girl can only take so much!!!!!!! Maybe you need to be up early looking for your kind of specials……and remind Vince that you didn’t complain when he was having at it at his stores.

    Karen L

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    LOL.. I think if you were going all the way up to KC, you should have requested a stop at a quilt shop or two, but then I guess this was on Sunday and they were closed. Darn it!