Life Before Daylight


Another one of those pleasant experiences with my sweet son . . hurry up and take the darned picture . . I have things to do . . places to go . . people to see! I’m so proud of Chad! He loves politics . . no, that doesn’t make me so proud. But, he decided to work at the polls for our election today. He gets paid but, because I’m a proud mom, I choose to think he’s doing it because he thinks it’s a good thing to do.. civil service he says. In my heart, I know that he’s doing it because he gets to wear a dress shirt and his new cuff links that he found recently while he and Vince were checking out all the flea markets in SW MO. YES! Chad . . go shopping with Vince while I stay home!

For Chad to be up and dressed by 5:15 a.m., there may also be a cute girl involved but he hasn’t mentioned that . . yet!


And, this poor, spoiled dog! The only thing all this scurrying around at 5 a.m. could possibly mean to Speck . . he thinks I’m going out of town so he immediately began shaking and has thrown up three times. Looks like he’s calmed down a bit now but he won’t dare let me out of his sight. It’s so nice to be loved! (not really — I hate that he makes himself sick when he thinks I’m leaving him.) Too bad Vince doesn’t feel that way or I’d never have to go shopping again! 🙂

If you’re wondering why his pillow has no pillow case . . he gets inside the pillow case and then when he hears something he needs to investigate, he can’t get out of the pillowcase quickly enough. It isn’t real safe to have a dachshund blindly running up the stairs while inside the pillowcase with the pillow.

Vince will be out of town most of the day which means . . as soon as he leaves, Speck and I are headed back to bed!


And . . there he goes!



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    Evelyn says

    Oh my goodness, I just love your daily photo diary! My great aunt was a great diary keeper and some of the things that she wrote about – daily stuff that she probably took for granted – I wish that there were photos to go along with. You are having lots of fun with that camera, I can tell!

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    Poor speck! I thought my dog was the only one who knew the routine of our going out. She does not throw up, but wants to go out in the backyard and then does not come back in. We have to go get her in order to leave. Any other time she prefers indoors.

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    Thanks Judy, I had a good belly laugh to start my day! Now whenever my mood starts to head south, I will visualize Speck trying to get out of that pillowcase. Funny

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    Oh my! We have a Yorkie that tries desperately to get in the suitcases or bags when they come out. I think she’s just sure if she can get in there with all our stuff we will take her.

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    peggy says

    The mental picture of Speck and the pillow did give me a good laugh to start this day. Thanks.

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    Sharped dressed man… isn’t that a song? Chad’s lookin fine! I hope he enjoys his day at the polls, I’m not looking forward to my visit there!
    LOL, I’m imagining a blind dog running up the stairs in a pillowcase!
    I hope you were to get a few more hours of rest.

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    Anna says

    Chad looks very dapper in his dress shirt- hope he enjoys his day at the election.

    Poor Speck- those pets do keep life interesting – we have a dog named Dusty who has to turn three counter clockwise circles before she plops her bottom down and wags her docked tail( she is a schnoodle) . You just have to laugh..

    Glad you don’t have to go shopping again today-
    belated Happy Anniversary. May you celebrate many more happy years together without too many shopping trips.

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    Yep, your son is a cutie-pie allright! Oh, and the image of Speck running around locked in a pillow case made me laugh out loud. hahahaha!!! Hope you got some sleep after they left!

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    Oh, stop it. I can’t stop laughing. What joy are our pets! We live on a corner of a rural road. Our yard is fenced. Our border collie likes to race trucks, trailers; anything that makes noise. If he gets ahead of them and he does (’cause they gotta slow down for the corner) he will spin in place until they catch up and then like a shot he takes off. He never gets dizzy and always takes off in the right direction. People love our dog.

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    No, we certainly don’t want Speck running downstairs in a pillowcase – he might hurt himself and need surgery! Chesty doesn’t throw up but he gets very nervous when he sees my suitcase come out and doesn’t let me out of his sight.

    Chris is also very political – it’s good to see young people involved in the process…I find it all incredibly boring but seeing Chad go off to work the polls does remind me I need to register to vote here in MN.

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    I was going to telly you that I did this too. Hope Chad’s day was as fun as mine. 😛 How late did he sleep in today? ROFLOL