Quiltathon This Weekend

Do you remember there’s a Quiltathon coming up this weekend? Get your cleaning and cooking done ahead of time so you can spend as much time as possible sewing, ok?

Here’s a blog you all might want to check out – http://crockpot365.blogspot.com This lady is posting crockpot recipes every day. They’re all recipes she’s tried and she gives her opinion at the end of each post. I’m not a huge crockpot fan but here are the recipes I’ve tried and highly recommend. I haven’t tried I any I don’t recommend, so . . everything I’ve tried, we’ve loved.

Vegetarian No Noodle Lasagna – I made this and it was really (really) good. I added a pound of ground beef that I browned before adding to the pot. Guess mine wasn’t very “vegetarian”, was it? Add a big salad and crusty bread and the meal is done with little mess!

Chocolate Mousse – Now you know I’m not a chocolate lover but if I were, I’d eat this stuff til I .. well . . till I was sick! Chad and Vince loved it! The only thing I did different was I added more sugar, thinking maybe I’d like it better if it was sweeter. And, I have never had good luck putting warm stuff in the blender so I used my stick blender for this and whipped it up right in the crock pot.

Creme Brulee – This may sound bad but when you make this . . don’t tell your family. That way you can have it all to yourself. You really should test it before you share it with anyone else. And, sometimes you need to test a whole lot . . just to be sure it’s ok to feed the family, you know? Oh, this was so good! The only thing I did different was I used metal mini-loaf pans because that’s all that I had that would fit in my crockpot. Looks like she used a ceramic dish of some sort but I’m not about to put anything glass under the broiler for any amount of time. If I had one of those creme brulee torches, I could’ve used glass but I don’t, so I didn’t! πŸ™‚

Anyway . . get the cleaning and cooking done ahead of time so you can Quiltathon this weekend, OK?


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    Thanks for the reminder about the Quiltathon coming up and the link to the crock pot blog. Will definately have to spend some serious time there. I’ve been trying to use mine more to cut down on eating out!

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    Yeah, Quiltathon! I have alot to do…row quilt to finish appliquing….quilters bag swap to finish sewing…..100 nine patch blocks to cut and sew back together….where to begin?

    Oh, and thanks for the recipe blog info…I need some new recipes to try!

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    I’ll be leaving on vacation on Saturday, so no sewing for me πŸ™ I visit this crock pot website every day! One for you to try is her Crockpot Coq Au Vin. So good and so easy!

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    Thank you so much for the crockpot blog link. And thanks for the Quiltathon reminder. Knowing you, you are way ahead of schedule as far as pre-preparation goes. :^)

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    I’m still babysitting Judy but sure wish I could quilt all weekend. However, I am taking the children home after a full week so I don’t want to miss that! I love having them but I’m exhausted when it’s time to be over. If your guys like chocolate covered peanut clusters I have a wonderful recipe for those in the crockpot! Blessings, marlene

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    I’ll be quilting along with you! Thanks for the crockpot link too—which I am giving to my husband the cook! He’ll love it.

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    Thanks for the crockpot link my dh is always looking for new receipes. He really likes to do the cooking and grocery shopping so I let him. I’ll get my snowdyeing done in the morning then I can start sewing.

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    Tsk, tsk. All that testing we have to do for our families is a big responsibility. My mother and I often are pressed into the duty of “evening up” the cake/brownies/cobbler. I mean, you can’t just leave it there looking all assymetrical, can you?

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    I’m sewing with you this weekend — well, Saturday morning and all day Sunday!! Planning to make great headway on something! LOL

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    I’m in! DH is going out of town this weekend and I’ll be home alone! I have two new projects to work on and a couple of swap gifts to get started.