Anyone Seen my iPod?

Oh, Brother! Why can’t I keep up with things? Don’t answer that! I know why . . because I’m a slob and I live in a cluttered house and I just put things down and don’t remember where I put them and then they get buried and . . oh, goodness, I have to do better.

After we got the new MP3 players last week, I realized I haven’t seen my iPod in a while. I thought I knew exactly where it was. I honestly thought it was on a shelf in the garage. Several months ago (well, really .. it was more than several months . . it was back when we kept having snow!) I was real faithful about going to the YMCA almost every day and I’d use my iPod. I just left it in my car but when I went to get my oil changed before Paducah (April), I took the iPod out of my car and stuck it on a shelf in the garage so . . I thought I knew right where it was. But I must’ve moved it because I can remember saying to myself . . you shouldn’t leave that there because you’re not going to remember where you put it! Yep, that’s exactly what happened.

So I began looking for it but I didn’t want Vince to know I was looking for it because I’m always looking for something and he always says to me . . If you wouldn’t lay things around and forget where you put them, you wouldn’t spend so much time looking for stuff! Well, he’s right. There . . I said it! He’s right! I’m wrong! Darn it! Maybe I’ll just get on the computer right now and order another iPod . . white . . just like the one I lost and he’ll think I found mine and he won’t say to me every day . . Did you find your iPod? If you wouldn’t lay things around and forget where you put them … But, I don’t need another iPod.

But . . there’s good news. While looking for the iPod, I found:


This is a bunch of Splash fabric that I knew I had, wanted to use in a quilt last week and couldn’t find it. Don’t ask me why it was in a box under the cutting table. If you wouldn’t lay things around and forget where you put them …

Then I found the 2nd tennis shoe to my favorite pair. It had been missing for a while so I was real happy to find it. We don’t wear shoes in the house so I don’t even know how my tennis shoes ended up downstairs!

Then I found 5 calculators. I lose them too. Stick them in a tote back, walk over to the computer with them and . . lay things around and forget where you put them …

Then I found these cards!


These were cards Vince had bought. I’m quite sure he bought them while we were dating because (1) they were in a bag from a Hallmark store in Athens, GA and that’s where he lived while we were dating and (2) he doesn’t “waste money on cards” any more! I’m betting he doesn’t even remember that he bought them. Maybe I could score some brownie points if I sent one to him every now and then!ย  Nope . . he’d think I was doing something I shouldn’t do and he might check the bank statements or something! ๐Ÿ™

And, I found my little iPod Nano or whatever you call then little bitty ones.ย  You can bet that within a week or so, I will have lost it again.

I’m at that point where I’m saying God, if you’ll just let me find that iPod, I’ll never lose anything else. I’ll clean my house and never let it get cluttered as long as I live!

Oh, heck . . finding the iPod isn’t worth all that. One day we’ll move or I’ll clean house and I’ll find the old iPod. Haven’t needed it since April .. probably won’t miss it much.



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    I have my IPOD on my radio so I can play the songs from it..that way I won’t loose is some kind of radio that plays MP3’s, etc. also besides am/fm..I kept loosing mine so that was my husbands way of solving the problem with me!! I am glad you found yours and other things too!!

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    Sounds all too familiar! But you have to find your Ipod, you’re the one that put me on to listening to audio books, so I bought a MP3 player just for that, and I listen as I chain piece.

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    Karen L says

    Oh Judy…..I’d hid those cards in the bag in Vince’s sock draw……so he could find them, show him that he could misplace things too!!!! You’ll know when he has found them…you’ll be getting cards!!!!

    I haven’t “lost” anything……..just temporarily misplace things….the word lost sounds so permanent.

    I’m glad you found your nano……..any your fabric……….and your shoe……..and your calculator.

    Karen L

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    They say the fastest way to find something is to go out and get a brand new one. So……. go get a new one, and when you find the old one, send it to me. ๐Ÿ˜€ LOL — Just kidding of course.


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    We must be related. I lose everything. I put something down and say out loud that I’m going to remember where I put it. Five minutes later, it’s lost! LOL

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    What the heck is an ipod anyway? I know my daughter has one and it plays music but that is the extend of myknowledge. Guess I really do not want one, if they are that difficult to keep up with. My radio/stereo is big and bulky and easily seen. Now, if I could just find that battery charger for my camera…….

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    ok. I commented on the weight blog the other day. So part of my keep weight off, is to use my ipod nano 6 times a week. That is… I only use my ipod when I walk. I don’t listen to much music, so I listen to audiobooks and podcasts. I subscribe to a few weekly podcases such as photography, oprah, weightloss, and a couple of quilty ones. So since I only use my sneakers for walking, I keep my ipod in my sneaker.

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    peggy says

    I’m so glad to know I’m one of many who lose things. It can be so frustrating when it is something really “needed.” I bought some wonderful fabric to make a grocery tote. I was so excited envisioning taking this wonderful bag shopping. A few weeks later, I can’t find the darn fabric, so I could make the bag! You’re right when you say it will show up when I’m not looking for it.

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    I always misplace things. Then I run around the house like a crazed woman trying to find it. I usually end up sitting on the sofa, in a huff, and the Deputy finds what I am looking for in five minutes.

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    That could have been me (and my husband’s comments about my loosing things). Currently, I am trying to find my strippers templates for a project with my quilting bee this weekend.

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    Marla says

    My husband would do the same thing to me but I have a trump card to use on him if he bugs me too much…he lost his remote and keys to my car over a year ago and still can’t find them. Now he always tells me that he never “loses” anything, he just put them in a safe place!

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    Would you recommend going scrappy for the BOM quilt? I definitely have enough fabric to do each block piece by piece, but to do the whole quilt I’d have to go buy more fabric.

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    At least you’re not searching for things that aren’t there! I spent a while yesterday searching for binding fabric I thought had been sent with a HeartStrings top and finally gave up and used a fabric from stash…only to get a comment today from Deb in AZ that she hadn’t sent fabric with that top.

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    glad you’re finding things.
    do you have a gym bag you take when you exercize? the Ipod might be there.

    I’ll bet it was Speck who took your tennis shoe downstairs when you weren’t looking. dogs will do that when they miss people.

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    I’m glad your finding things I put some fabric in a safe place and now I can’t find it and need it for next week so I guess I will be presaoking more fabric in soda ash.

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    I’m so embarrased. I watch a few blogs every day and I got your blog mixed up with Mary’s blog

    When you mentioned you lost your ipod, I was thinking you were Mary and I had left a comment on her blog about a weightloss.. but today I realized my mistake…. oh, dear… don’t even try to understand my mistake… I’m 50+ so now you understand…

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    Judee says

    I also need to know how to keep from loosing my iPod. It’s small and can hide well in lots of small places. I have to keep it hidden since my Miss Gracie (very special kitty) likes to chew on the ear phone cords. I’ve had to replace several cords just this year.

    Anyway now to my tip…. how to find the calculator. I’ve put a bit of sticky back hook and loop tape on mine (the soft side on the calc) and the other piece on the inside of my kitchen cupboard (you can use a cupboard of your choice or 5 of them) . Now after I’ve put it away, I always know it there. Its just hanging around. ๐Ÿ™‚