I’m Learning!

Remember Vince telling me I’d never learn PhotoShop?  I doubt I’ll ever learn everything there is to know about PhotoShop, but look what I figured out tonight.

Here’s the picture I took of Chad & Speck.  It was a bit overexposed.


Look what I was able to do with it?


And, here’s one more version of it.


Looks a whole lot better, huh?  OK . . back to my lessons!




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    I know nothing about photoshop… not somehting I have or if I do I don’t know it. LOL

    but I know fo a blog that she shows step by step lessons on how to use it. Excellent for anyone wanting to learn how photoshop works. I don’t know the direct link but you can find it…

    look under her photography page… althou you will love her confessions page too 🙂

    I love her blog! Nothing quilt related… but I love reading her life on the ranch and about her kids… 😉 Enjoy! but don’t blame me if you’re up late and can’t sleep b/c you are reading her blog… LOL it happened to me once.

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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    One day when I retire and get settled in my house in NC I am going to try this bread baking thing.

    I get tired just thinking of what you do everyday.