My numbers are positive!  I’ve used more fabric than I’ve added this year.  Oh, what a great way to start a Quiltathon weekend!  In positive territory.  There’s no stopping me now! 🙂  My full stash report will come tomorrow but I was down 10.5 yards but this week, I’ve used 15-1/4 yards so far . . which is probably all I’ll use.  I quilted one big top which took 6 yards for the backing and sleeve.  I sewed the binding on it but I’d already counted the binding fabric because I counted that when I made it.  Then I cut out another quilt that I started and will finish the top tomorrow.  Counting the binding for that one (which I went ahead and made before I even made the top . . such a good quilter! 🙂 ), I used another 9-1/4 yards.

Yes . . the numbers are no longer negative!  Oh . . here’s the fabric for the new quilt.




  1. 6


    You scared me woman! I thought you were pregnant! Congratulations on the POSITIVE numbers on your stashbusting BABY =)

  2. 8


    Yay! I love those colors you’ve picked!

    I wanted to ask you on block #1 when we do the flying geese pieces, do you leave the “ears” of the triangles on? Or do you trim them off?

  3. 9


    Well, congratulations! The colors for your new quilt are really pretty–can’t wait to see some blocks.

  4. 12


    Positive is a very good thing. I just have to ask though – how in heaven’s name do you get so many quilts done so fast? And how many do you think you’ve made this year? lifetime? Blessings, marlene