Quiltathon Day 1 Progress

The day isn’t over and I’m not stopping til I can’t sew any more.  This morning, trying to be quiet til Chad woke up, I loaded a quilt on the longarm, then trimmed two for bindings.  Then I began sewing.

I chain stitched a zillion four patch blocks.


Then I cut them all apart and stacked them neatly.


Then I pressed them and stacked them neatly again! 🙂


Yes, in real life, my ironing board cover looks just as bad as it does in the picture.  It’s scorched and there’s a few burn holes in it.  I plan to change it but not today . . probably not for a while but I will change it one day.

Dinner is done so the rest of the evening I should be able to sew with few interruptions.  It’s been a rainy, drizzly day here.  I love this kind of weather!  If it hadn’t been for today being a Quiltathon, I’d probably have taken myself a long nap!  But . . no time for that . . I’m sewing!

What’s everyone else accomplishing today?



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    Way to go Judy! It’s been a rainy day here as well. I made block 1 on the Star BOM, cut out my magazine challenge fabric finally! And I have been sewing on socks.

  2. 2


    i did a lot of ‘honey-do’s’ this morning, then set out for Jo-Ann’s to try and find some yellow fabric. Found 1/2 yard. on my way home i stopped by the local Red Cross blood drive and donated (first time!).
    they told me to come home, rest, and put my feet up so that’s what i did for the afternoon.

    tomorrow i’ve got some blocks to work on and more to cut out for a quilt top. Hopefully i’ve got enough yellow fabric.

  3. 3


    I did about half the cutting of a new quilt I’m starting….it’s called Jelly Rose by Fig Tree Quilts.

    Lots of stripping….*S*…..feels good in the warm weather. Some applique on it too, but not enough to keep me from trying it out.

  4. 5


    Been working on a mystery and I, too, feel like I’ve sewn and trimmed about a million 4 patches. Actually, I haven’t even finished the requisite 108 for a lap sized… I thought I had but had hid some from myself when weighting them down with my cutting board to keep them from blowing away…. But, after the pizza that just came out of the oven is devoured, I’ll be back at ’em.

    Here it was a great day to sew because it was definitely too hot to be outside!

  5. 6


    Well, I sewed today…..for myself. Since I’m not stashbusting, I went shopping today. Picked up the rest of the fabric for the block of the month….and fabric for a new purse…..I sewed the purse this afternoon and tonight I’m going to work on another sample for my class coming up.

    Karen L

  6. 7


    I got some more snowdyeing done, did a little ironong spent a little time with my grandson and made only one block. That’s all the sewing I had time for. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get more done.

  7. 8


    I just got home from spending all day quilting with friends at the LQS. I finished my swap bag and made a potato bag! Now I’m going to start quilting a baby quilt.

  8. 9


    I’ve been cleaning today unfortunately but last night before bed I did manage to piece a backing and piece a binding so my next two tops are set for quilting…maybe tomorrow.

  9. 10


    It has been a lovely rainy day here in Maine too. I finished binding another of Mary’s little strippies and made another block for my sampler quilt. Tomorrow it is back to work for me!

  10. 11


    I am sewing too! I had the last day of a three day yard sale (what a waste of time!) and then rested a bit and now am sewing strip sets for a wedding shower gift. I cut the pieces last night so I am really making progress!

  11. 14


    It wasn’t cloudy and raining here so I wasn’t tempted to nap but I couldn’t hardly pull myself away from the olympics. I think they are so exciting. I did however get a lot done. I had obediently followed Judy L. suggestions and had my house kind-of-in-order(clean enough to be healthy..dirty enough to be happy) and dinner was well on its way so I started and finished a lap size quilt top. The problem is I can’t decide if I like it or not. Anyway, thank you Judy for organizing and encourging the Quiltathons. They do inspire me to get going , get prepared, and sew all day. Great idea. Nancy W.

  12. 15


    I made two blocks on a BOM, boxed up and mailed a bunch of stuff, and just got home from Sarah’s birthday dinner! Tomorrow is some serious sewing!

  13. 16


    I finished a quilt that my niece started for her friend and I sewed on a zillion badges that my son collected during his scouting years on to a blanket that he had. Now to finish something else.

  14. 17


    Well I did get another quilt bound last night – that’s one Friday night, one Saturday night, and hopefully one tonight. Of course, they aren’t large quilts but I’m happy to be making progress on finishing these!