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My blog is a diary of my life and though I enjoy and am thrilled that anyone reads it and comments, I started out blogging for me.  When I go back and read posts that I made in 2005 or 2006 (or even yesterday!), I often smile at where I was then, what I was doing and at things that went on in my life.

One of the funniest things ever on my blog was back in November, 06.  This post and this post.  Vince had not yet told his employer in Kentucky that he was leaving so I had to be vague about what we were doing.  It had to seem pretty stupid to everyone that Vince and I left Kentucky and drove to Missouri, knowing we were running into a massive snowstorm.  But, had we not gone that weekend and found a house, we would not have been able to close prior to our moving date.  With Chad starting the new semester in MO and Vince starting the new job on 1/2/07, we just had to be moved in by January 1.

Nevada, MO is such a tiny little place . . I had no idea I had a blog reader living there.  She saw the picture of the snow and she recognized right off that we were in Nevada.  She wrote me . . thinking we were stranded in Nevada due to the snow.  I explained to her that we were moving there but I hadn’t been able to say it on the blog yet.

So, sometimes, my readers are probably shaking their heads thinking why did she write that? Well, sometimes it’s just something I want to document and today, I’m playing with my new camera.  I just love it!!  I’ve been reading and learning about exposure today.  Truly, all I know about cameras is how to push the button.  I don’t know what aperture, f-stop, exposure or any of that other technical stuff means but I’m learning.  And, one day when I’m a world famous photographer my pictures are decent, I can look back and remember how little I knew on 8/10/08 about my camera.

None of these pictures have been altered in photoshop — this is just what I was able to do by changing the exposure.  In both sets, the top photo is the default setting and the bottom picture has the exposure changed to -0.7.

The first set is my neighbor’s flag.



The second set is a green bush in front of my house.  Told you I have nothing photo worthy around here.



OK . . I’m going to sew.  A little bird just reminded me this is Quiltathon Weekend and I should be sewing instead of playing with my camera!



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    Judy, pretty cool isn’t it? I’m sure by now you’ve also noticed that you can change the “film speed” on your digital camera, whereas on a SLR, you would have to buy a roll of 400 speed, or 100 speed, etc. I usually shoot on 800 inside, my house is pretty dark.

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    It’s great to do little “lessons” like that. I went through the same thing last winter when I was trying to take pictures of egrets, and I was so disappointed when I saw the photos on the computer. The egrets had no detail — just a bright, white bird. I finally played around with the exposure compensation until I got some pretty terrific pictures (well, for me, anyway). Thanks for sharing!

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    Judy i want to thank you for reminding us via your blog what real snow looks like.
    it’s been more than 4 years since we’ve had snow like that here.
    I love weather and love to be out in it experiencing all the cold and wind, seeing the snow comming down, listening to the reports, etc.
    But if i can’t do that, the next best thing for me is to read of your adventures in your blog.

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    Winona says

    I read your earlier posts about snow and thought, hey I was helping our daughter and her family move from Kansas City to Memphis in that snow storm. We ended up stranded in Columbia. Found the last 2 rooms in a Drury Inn. Yes, car were parked every which way. We saw many cars and even semi’s overturned. It was an awful drive. Our daughter took over driving the big 29′ moving truck because our SIL is from Louisiana and had never driven on roads like that. We still talk about that nightmare. LOL Small world, huh? I enjoy your blog. Winona

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    Robin in Short Pump says

    Hi Judy, I know about Nevada, I buy Alltel ads in the Daily Mail. You should explain how to pronounce Nevada.

    I have been playing with my camera too, although my Digital Rebel is a couple-3 years old now. I bought a macro lens which I haven’t had much success with and recently, a telephoto. We have a red-tailed hawk living in the area and I haven’t been able to get good pictures of him with my regular lens. Now that I have the telephoto, he won’t stay in any one place long enough for me to shoot him. But they say photographers must have patience, something I’m usually a little short of. I’ve seen you post on the Info-EQ list and I enjoy your blog.

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    Evelyn says

    I have a “Digital Field Guide” book for my camera – and I know it was written for your Nikon too – this is a GREAT reference book specific to the camera you have. It is written by Charlotte K. Lowrie. I find it much more helpful than the manual that came with my camera – you might want to check it out too.

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    Sherri Starr says

    Hi Judy,

    Can we play along on the BOM if we do not have a blog? Sure hope so…

    Next I am going to check out your stashbusting area….I am in deep, deep need of busting….

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    Bon says

    Glad you are having fun experimenting with your camera. I love taking pics and have been doing more experimenting too.