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You might notice the Cotton Spice Best Quilt Blog Award over on my left sidebar.  Thanks Cotton Spice!

If you’ve never checked out their website, please do.  It’s an online quilt magazine started several years ago by Karen Gass.  I’ve made the button as a link to the Cotton Spice website so you can always just click on it to get there.

It was funny because I had worked with her some while we were still in Kentucky and then when we found out we were moving, I’m less than an hour from Karen.  We’ve never met in real life but hopefully, one day we will.

Now, I must get some quilt related content on this blog!  My regular readers know that when there’s little quilting being discussed, it’s because (1) I’m longarm quilting tops for others and I don’t usually show their work or (2) I’m working on things I can’t show.

With the second book manuscript due soon, I’m mostly working on things I can’t show.  Being secretive isn’t my nature (being a blabbermouth IS my nature!) so not sharing what I’m working on isn’t easy for me.

For those of you who get aggravated with me when I don’t post enough quilt related topics, please understand and trust that I’ll have more quilt related topics very soon.



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    Congrats on the award….well deserved I might add. I enjoy all your posts not just the quilty ones. I like reading about the little snippets of your life that you share with us. 🙂

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    Congrats! And I wholeheartedly agree! You are the best!

    When my quilts come up in your rotation, feel free to post them. That will give you blogging fodder! LOL

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    I worried for a half a second when my quilting content dropped this spring because of the move and then stayed low during my summer travels but it’s my blog and I’m not going to stop blogging just because my quilting time is limited. People can read it or not, it’s their choice but I get to choose what to write about.

    I didn’t realize their magazines were free to download at Cotton Spice – I’ll be reading their back issues!