Trip to the City

We’re all different!  Every one of us is different from the people around us.  When reading this post, please understand that I’m not putting anyone down or thinking my way is better than anyone else’s way.  Most everyone I know is thankful they don’t think like I think.  Hope you understand how I think (or how I don’t think!).

Last night I was speaking at the Blue Springs, MO guild.  It was a wonderful group of ladies (and a couple of men too!) and I had a lot of fun.  Melinda is someone I “met” online years ago . . maybe in 2002.  We had never met in person but this was her guild and she is the VP who contacted me about speaking.

My car still isn’t fixed (goes into the shop Thursday) so Vince took off at noon, and we drove over to Kansas City.  Went to Whole Foods, then . . . yep . . shopping!

I don’t get out much and that’s probably a good thing.  We went the back way to Whole Foods and went through areas where there are so many houses, some huge, some medium, some smaller, but they were all so close together.  All you can see is roofs  . . they look like they’re almost touching each other.  I can’t live that way!  I hope I never have to live where houses are all crowded in next to each other!  I told Vince that it makes me so sad to see people living that way.  He laughed and reminded me that those same people pass down the highway, see our little town and feel so badly for people living here — and I hope I never have to leave this town.  It’s just funny to me to see that some people are perfectly happy living right on top of each other, some like me are happy to have a few acres and others want many acres.  We’re getting to the point where living on hundreds of acres away from civilization isn’t what we need to do but goodness, I do not want close neighbors ever!

There’s so much concrete in Kansas City and the towns around there.  Every where you look, there are strip malls, parking lots, traffic jams, road construction, more strip malls being built.  Concrete – everywhere!


But wait . . there are some things that might make me want to move to a city and live in a crowded neighborhood.


You can bet there’ll probably never be a Barnes & Noble or a Starbucks anywhere near my little town.  But if there was, I’d promise to go every day . . well, maybe every day that I get dressed in clothes that are fit for wearing outside the house.  How about I just commit to going once a week?  Heck . . it doesn’t matter . . we’re never getting a Barnes & Noble or a Starbucks and know what?  I don’t care.  I just don’t want to look out and see concrete everywhere!  I’ll just buy my books on the internet and have that very nice UPS man bring them right to my door and I don’t have to worry about what I’m wearing while shopping.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot . . the guild meeting!  Before the meeting, Vince and I met Melinda and her friend at Smokehouse BBQ and it was good!  Real good!

This quilt always seems to be the favorite of all the quilts I show.  This is the first quilt I designed totally by myself and it’s actually my favorite too.


It was a long day and I’m very thankful Vince went with me.  He was a big help — hauling the quilts in and out, helping sell the books and patterns. Maybe he can just quit his job and travel with me.  Or . . maybe NOT! 🙂



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    Judy, you wrote ” But if there was, I’d promise to go every day . . well, maybe every day that I get dressed in clothes that are fit for wearing outside the house.”

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the chuckle this morning! I too understand “outside the house” and “around the house” clothes! LOL

    Judy W

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    I loved your perspective of the city. I’m one who tried the country living and went screaming back to the city. I need the closeness of my neighbors and all the hustle and bustle. Being able to run to the store to get what I need in 10 minutes versus the previous 45-50 minute drive is what continues to save our sanity. You put it perfectly, we are all different and what makes me happy certainly won’t make you happy. Thanks for sharing your observation of “the city”.

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    I’m with you. I need my space! I love that I live 15 minutes away from work and major shopping (even a B&N with a Starbucks which I rarely visit). But I love my secluded 10 acres. Now about Vince traveling with you – remember that if he did that you would probably have to spend at least half of every trip SHOPPING! LOL!

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    glad you had a good trip to kc…i love some of the city things and being close to everything…at the same time i adore the quiet of the country and the “lack of concrete”. glad i can head to the country when i need a fix.

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    I’m with you too Judy. We’re on 5 acres on the edge of town, and it’s still to close to the neighbors for me, I’ve never lived “in town” like this and I can’t imagine living where you can reach out your bathroom window and hold hands with the neighbor!

    That quilt is stunning, as always!

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    I TOTALLY understand. You need to live out in the open space like I do, and then travel to a big town/city. Real cultural shock for me.

    BTW–expect a pkg REAL soon!

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    Right now I live in a small town and everything is within 6 miles. Real easy to pop out and get whatever I need. Yesterday afternoon after I got home from work I realized the I needed Thread Heaven. How convenient and quick to go for it before starting to cook. When we move we will be 20 minutes from any store…………… Hmmm.. If it weren’t for being close to family I might rethink this.

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    You defined the dilemma very well. My heart (and DH’s) yearns for the serenity of seclusion. But we live in one of those on-top-of-each-other cluster developments. Every time we daydream about “a place in the country” we remember that within THREE miles of our house is our dentist, dermatologist, gas stations, 4 groceries–2 the best in Nashville–cleaners, pharmacies, Target, Borders Books, TJ Maxx, Office Depot & Max, etc. One day when we first moved here, DH went to the cleaners, post office, gas station, grocery, and got a haircut and put 3 miles, round-trip, on the car. We feel like at 60 and 71, we don’t need to be far away from services. And keeping up a 1/4-acre yard is just enough exercise. Plus, we have LOTS of trees, constant bird song, and even pesky foxes once in a while. Head wins over heart, but I still envy you.

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    Theresa says

    I enjoyed your blog this morning!! I go to the city when I want. I can be downtown Kansas City, Mo in 30 minutes. But I’d rather be here on my 5 little acres with my peace and quiet, listening to the coyotes howl at night instead of traffic. Give me the country life (just not to far from the city, I don’t want to have to drive 2 hours to get there! LOL!!)

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    I grew up in big cities except for once early in our marriage–and we just weren’t ready for that.

    But when we moved her to NC, we bought a house in a community of 6000, near a small town of 16,000 and 35 miles from Asheville, population 60,000. Now, it’s a big deal to drive to Asheville, and I’ve been to the mall there maybe 3 times in 5 years. And I’m perfectly happy not to even come down off our little mountain between work shifts!

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    I do envy “country folks” but for us, living in a subdivision in the city is the only choice. When Dear Hubby was diagnosed with MS, our lives changed in a big way. No more large yards to care for, big houses to keep up, and we needed to be close to the Medical Center downtown. I’m grateful for our little house in the city, but love to visit those “old country homes”!

    So glad we can celebrate the differences!

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    Houses – I first saw the phenomenon that you described in Maryland. Big expensive houses on top of each other…

    I’ve been told that it is becasue people work/commute so long that they don’t have the time or inclination to do yard work. (Which is one of the reasons why I landed in a condo. My husband grew up in a NYC apartment & has never I mean NEVER cut a blade of grass.)

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    Linda says

    I’m with you Judy, I like a little space around me.I live in a very small NE town, pop. less than 400. My house sits on only 8 large lots but there are fields to the north, an open field to the east, some large vacant lots to the west, a long time vacant house to the south; my nearest neighbor is at least 3/4 of a block away and I like it that way!! My dream would be to have a section of land, with woods around the outside, some fields, a nice creek, maybe a pond and my house right in the middle. 🙂 It’s good to dream.
    By the way, my new Premier Plus arrived this morning, and I can see hours of pleasure ahead.

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    i’ve lived in the country and in the city—i think i’ll take a spot right in the middle between the two.

    my grocery store is 2 miles away, and until they closed my LQS was only 5 miles. the next closest LQS is 35 miles one way, so i don’t get there often.
    I’ve found that driving only 5-10 miles one way is just right for me, in addition to saving on gas.

    one day i’d like to have a home again with about 1/2 an acre of land, but i can manage on what i have now; an apartment with a maintenance and gardening staff on call.

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    I’d love if I could live out in the country, with grocery stores and such not too far away, but not quite in my backyard either.

    My mom lives “out in the country” although its a very small town. Her nearest Walmart is probably a 15-20 minute drive? If she wanted to go to a Target she’d have to drive even further.

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    Me too! We have 3 acres – but ever so private – I can go outside in me nighty & gumboots & no one sees me. BLISS!!!

    But as my townie friend said yesterday to me – hearing our wow of sewer pump troubles makes her thankful for living in the city hahaha

    Beautiful quilt

    Love Leanne

    PS I didn’t join your challenge those little 5 3/16 inch measurements were in the too hard basket for me. (Wimp aye) Maybe next challenge I can play.

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    Well, you know I love the city. I’ve done the rural thing and the suburbs but I’m truly happy here downtown.

    Our townhouses are tucked in just off the busy streets of the city but we can walk everywhere. I was a little nervous about the closeness of the neighbors here but we just don’t see any of them that much.

    Minneapolis also does a great job with lots of green space in the city so it’s not all concrete and skyscrapers.

    I’m grateful for having the choice to live somewhere that makes me happy and I know you are too.

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    I’m glad you had a good time Judy. So did I, and I’ve only heard good comments so far. 😀 Thanks for coming.


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    I’m like you. We live on 197 acres and we are looking to sell it we are looking for maybe 10 to 15 acres. My husband has a bad back. Anyways I will never live in what we call suburbia again, I did for the first 30 years of my life and after finding out what it’s like living in the country I’ll take that anyday.

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    I can understand why that quilt is the favorite Judy. The pattern is wonderful but the quilting is stunning. I live outside the city limits but in a neighborhood. It takes 15 or 20 minutes to get to WalMart but there’s a market a mile away if I need bread or milk. My house is rather secluded – set back from the street in the front and the lake on the back. It’s very quiet and peaceful here. At some point I imagine we’ll have to go to a garden home or assisted living type place and that will be ok. But as long as we can manage it we’ll be here where we can sit on the deck and watch the water. Blessings, marlene

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    Beautiful quilt Judy. Is that one of your patterns for sale? I was too lazy to go look. 🙂 I’m totally with you–give me my space. I can see the benefits of both types of living, city vs. country. It costs us a lot more in gas going anywhere, but I’m very good at scheduling all my errands together, etc. I, too, am happy that we all can live where we want to live–to each his own.

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    Barnes and Noble is my happy place!!! If you’re ever my way I will totally buy you the largest cup of coffee you’ve ever seen. We can then go and score some wonderful seats and read quilting magazines for free! 🙂

  23. 23


    I love your quilt and the quilting is gorgeous! I’m like you, I can’t imagine living right on top of your neighbor. I love my 25 acres!!!

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    Hi Judy, your quilt is so pretty! It would be my favorite too. I have lived in the country and choose it hands down, even though I live in a suburb now. I would feel pretty closed in, in an apartment situation…so I am lucky! And yes, isn’t is wonderful that we are all different!