IPod Found!


Found my iPod! I knew I’d find it but I just hate having something missing. You’ll never believe where it was . . in my desk drawer — top drawer. That was about the third place I thought it might be. I still could’ve sworn the last place I left it was on the shelf in the garage. I had already given up looking for it and just opened the desk drawer for a pen and . . there it was.  I had searched that drawer but must’ve overlooked it.

The funny story about the whole thing, and I think I’ve shared it here before, is that about 4 or 5 years ago or whenever I decided to buy an iPod, I called the Apple store, explained that I really didn’t know why I needed one but everyone else had one, so I surely must need one too. They nice lady suggested this 60 GB iPod that was on sale, and something like . . if you bought two you got free shipping. They were pretty expensive back then but I knew Chad would love one so I ordered both of us one. As soon as I hung up, I realized if I got one for Chad and one for me, and not one for Vince, someone wasn’t going to be happy. So, I called back and ordered a third one.

Chad used the heck out of his. In fact, it just totally wore out within the past year. Vince had yet to open his box so I asked him if Chad could have his. NO!! He was going to use it some day. So we sent Chad’s back to the Apple store and they told us it would cost more to fix it than it was worth so he bought himself a newer, sleeker, holds more songs model.

When I lost mine a week or so ago, I asked Vince if I could have his . . still never been opened iPod. WHAT?? NO! I’m going to use it some day. But then he started feeling bad about it, opened the box and charged it up for me. Thank goodness I never got around to putting my stuff on there before I found my own.

Oh . . Chad informed me that my little iPod isn’t a Nano but it’s a Shuffle. It’s kinda worthless. I couldn’t even put one book on it. I am glad to have my big iPod back, with all my songs and books and podcasts and I’m going to keep up with it . . not losing it again!



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    He’s never even opened the box? How is that possible? I wouldn’t be able to stand it!!

    And who knows, it might have turned to dust by now! LOL

    Glad you found yours….I do that sort of thing a lot, check the spot I think it’s in, but overlook it. I’m pretty sure there might be gremlins involved.

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    OMG, and I couldn’t do without my Shuffle, lol! To each their own, as always.

    I download more than 48 hours worth of listening, all stories and news from NPR, chapter books (read by chapters) and LOTS of sewing and crafting podcasts. This way I’m never bored of listening to the same thing. I listen once then replace it with the new day’s download. I charge and dowload new things about once a week.

    I’m an admin for the county, and in finance. We’re not allowed to have “free listening” noise, thank goodness.

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    I love my I-Pod thingie!! I downloaded some books on there this summer and it totally saved my sanity. I could hook up the ole’ earphones and while away the hours pretending that I was not in a small room with my whole gosh darn family. 🙂
    Glad you found yours!!

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    I lose stuff all the time Judy but rarely worry about it because it always turns up in the ver place I put it to “be safe.” I have a shuffle too and rarely use it because I’m not a big music person. I have a lot of praise music on it so I do occasionally listen but I’d rather have a big one I could put books on. Blessings, marlene

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    OK now..this sounds all too famaliar to the same thing that happens to me. I have come to the conclusion that my family “borrows” my things without telling me, and then when I can’t find them, they sneak them back without telling me and presto…there they are is some place I had already checked. Its a malicious group I live with!

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    I’m so glad to hear that I am not the only one that is continually losing everything. Right now I have a set of keys (along with all of my shopping cards, library cards, etc) that have been missing and are nowhere to be found. ARRRRGH.
    I love my Ipod, but it seems like I use it continually for a while, then I don’t touch it for weeks at a time.

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    Penny says

    Well I’m the 3rd last person to not have one!! I didn’t know you could books on it. I’m learning so much here!! Where do you get the books?

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    No ipod here!! Although there are three in my home…..so just call me a “half” without. I don’t do electronics very well. I prefer not having things in my ears……….

    Karen L

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    woo hoo! I would be lost without my IPOD! I love it…all my favorite music on all the time! I cannot believe Vince has not loaded his up yet!!!

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    I love my shuffle for walking or hiking. I have a playlist just for it and it holds enough to get me through a very, very long walk.

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    Marla says

    I don’t have one either. I wanted one for Christmas but my son got me a little cheapo one. Just as well as I don’t have a clue how to download music, etc on it. I am technically challenged. I have asked my kids how to do it and they are no help whatsoever. They just look at me like what cave did I come out of?!!!