Nothing Like a Clean Car


The other day I decided to quilt this top. Changing pantos on the longarm isn’t a big deal. It really isn’t but when I have a panto on the machine that I know I’m going to use on another quilt, I try to get them all done before changing the panto. Does anyone else do that? It’s kind of goofy to think like that so if no one else admits to it, that’s ok.

Got ready to load the top and couldn’t find it! Told you . . I lose everything but I’m so careful with where I put quilts and I could see it all folded up . . could almost tell you the exact measurements of the neat little rectangle it was folded into. I have a cubby hole type cabinet that I keep customers’ quilts in. I have a shelf that I keep all my own quilts on. I searched this house . . upstairs, downstairs . . everywhere. Not on the shelf where it should be; not in the cubby holes where it shouldn’t be. I was getting frantic. I knew I hadn’t thrown it away or sent it back with someone else’s quilt . . it was just lost!

Vince, who is always right if you haven’t figured that out, said . . did you look in your car? He really is always right. I’m not being ugly. It doesn’t matter what we’re discussing, I’m always wrong. I used to be right more than I was wrong so I don’t know what happened.

Anyway, Vince said . . did you look in your car? Well, that ruffled my feathers a bit. Why would it be in my car? Here’s the back of my car.  These are the quilts used in my trunk show.  They stay in my car!


You might notice a roll of parchment paper and I think that other thing is a flyer we were handed in Paducah in April! I don’t have a clue why the parchment paper is in there but maybe (probably not) I’ll remember where it is when I need it. There’s all kinds of stuff buried under the quilts.


This is the back seat. I see more quilts. I see two 24 packs of Dr. Pepper and some priority mail boxes. Every square inch of my car is always full . . just stuff!


This is Vince’s car. If I had this car, I could keep more stuff in there . . it’s bigger!


This is Vince’s back seat! If you get in Vince’s car with something, you get out with something. You never leave *anything* in his car. It helps that he doesn’t ever drive his car because he drives this truck.


This truck is old . . maybe a 1996. Well, the engine isn’t so old but that’s not something we’re going to discuss today. The truck was locked so I couldn’t get a picture inside but I guarantee there’s not a morsel of anything in this truck. I don’t even know how people can live without having their vehicles full of stuff.

Back to the quilt . . Vince said . . did you look in your car? NO! It wouldn’t be in my car because the only quilts in my car at the ones I use for my trunk show and classes and this blue quilt isn’t part of those presentations. I looked for another hour or so . . mainly because I hate losing things and wasn’t going to stop til I found it. Again, Vince said . . well, you know what he said so I went out and dug around in my car and yep, there it was.

Goodness, I hate being wrong. I tried to figure out how to get in the house without Vince seeing me come in from the garage with the quilt but I had to eat crow and tell him it was in my car.

The Honda is now clean and ready to go to Honda Hospital (actually it’s going to the local body shop today . . finally). Free of quilts, knitting projects, candy wrappers, breakfast bar wrappers and piles fo grocery store receipts . . all taken out! Oh, I wish I could/would keep it clean but I know I will not.



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    “Mr Bobbie” was chastizing me, just last night, about the shape my truck is in. The funny thing is that I have two trash bags AND a litter basket – but none of the 3 are where they are accessible while I’m driving. How silly is that?

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    Oh Judy, I love all the things you share! LOL We are even more alike than I alrady knew! You should see my van I drive! LOL Of course I have kids and all the kid stuff… but I guess b/c I am in the “twin mode” I make sure and have extras of the extra stuff even!

    Last weekend we had a mom’s night out at the new Olive Garden in Lake Charles… and I was gonn drive 5 of us over… but I didn’t have time to both shower and clean out the van and remove all the car seats, so I begged David to help.

    good for me… but bad too b/c he has complained all week about how much junk was in the van! It’s all been there all along but I guess after you handle it all taking it out and then see it all piled up on top of Nora’s waggon it is overwhelming. I think he said counting my purse, I had 6 bags!!! eek! LOL plus 2 quilts and God only knows how many of those happy meal type toys!

    You have inspired me to clean out my van “tomorrow” LOL… no really, I think I will. and if I am brave enough I’ll take before and after photos. 🙂

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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    You and I are kindred spirits. I always mis-place things (not LOSE …. mis-place) and my husband Kevin just lets me go until I calm down and find it. Usually when I stop looking, whatever I am looking for crawls out from its hiding place.


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    isn’t it amazing how much quilting information these husbands of ours pick up in their spare time?
    ps. maybe Vince noticed the quilt when he went along with you to the last trunk show since he was the one getting the quilts in and out?

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    This really made me laugh. My old QuiltMobile was like that. The trunk was so full of quilt shop bags that they couldn’t get to the spare tire one time! The new QuiltMobile after almost a year seems to not be a magnet like the other. Except for that little compartment on the door. That has ended up being my trash can! LOL

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    Traci says

    Like you …my car is loaded. I have a set of dishes, a full set of pyrex covered dishes (trying to replace all my plastic stuff), a library of books, fiction, non-fiction, quiltbooks, stitchery books, bottle water, bottle soda, a small table, two jackets ( yes, it is summer) some rubber maid plasticware, ziploc storage bags…and of course some fabric….hehe!!!


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    Penny says

    I’m really enjoying seeing everyone’s blocks. I don’t blog, so I can’t share. I knew this would be a challenge for me and that’s ok. I tried to be careful with measuring and cutting. I hand stitched it and I think it’s beautiful, but alas, it’s only 12 1/4″. Do you think I should take it apart and redo?

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    Bonnie Hunter says

    *LOLOL* I just unloaded my car after my 2 weeks of being in VA for trunkshows….it looked like a homeless person was living in my car! Girl…you need some miltary duffles for those quilts! Really, it makes it easy to lug them around!

    I’ve also ‘lost’ a panto pattern by laying another pattern on top of it under the plastic protector on the machine. DUH…I couldn’t remember that I just slid the other one on top of it! Are you sure we are not related?


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    Carol says

    The block was a challenge for me, since I usually use “easy” piecing methods. I’m not used to triangles and bias edges, but it’s good for us to stretch our limits once in a while! I have decided to use some spray starch on my fabrics for the next block. The block is really pretty-worth the extra trouble.
    Penny-I wouldn’t redo the block–the rest of your blocks may be a little smaller too. It would be a mess to rip out and resew. Don’t sweat it!

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    Cindy B. says

    I intentionally keep some things in my vehicle because … that is where I know where they are. My kids were horrid about moving stuff around so I just got in the habit YEARS ago.

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    I try to group my panto projects too. There, I admitted it!!

    I thought about you last night, Judy, when I went to pick up my sisters at the airport for our annual Quilt Fest. The airport exit was closed and I was forced to drive to the next exit and make a U turn. The problem is, the next exit was on the other side of Tampa Bay! I found myself on a bridge over water WITH NO ADVANCE WARNING! I’m happy to report that I survived.

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    Oh, I can so clearly remember my husband opening the door to the van and standing there staring for a full minute before he turned around and said, ” Does this look like a cafeteria to you because I could have sworn it was a car?” Love your stories Judy.

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    Anne Marie says

    I love this story. My husbands car is like Vince’s , mint conditions it even smell always new. Mine forget about it. thus my cars are always referred to as the Pig.

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    I just noticed that you have the pattern for the blue quilt up for sale on your site! thanks for that. I like this quilt more every time i see it. Got my order in.

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    I solved the problem with car never being clean ……I don’t let my DH anywhere near my car!!!! Lesson learned along time ago. I don’t like to think as my car being a mess….I think I’m prepared for anything!!!!

    Karen L
    PS I solved the panto line up thing by not doing them!!!!

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Yep, I too misplace things. It is amazing how I just put things down and have no recollection where! AND my DH is annoyingly ALWAYS right too! But he spoils me so much, I’ll just have to keep him!

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    I’m glad you found the quilt.

    I can generally keep my car pretty clean – at least clutter free even though it could use a vacuum and dusting.

    My house on the other handis a completely different matter.

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    Keith is a clean car kind of guy too he’s always making me take my trash out of his car.

    I not only leave the same pantograph on and do more than one quilt, I do the same thing with thread. Every little bit saves time.

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    yet another way in which we are similar. My husband has to shovel out my suv in back when someone needs to ride back there. Last falls dried-flower-arrangement-to-be is still in there now-gad what a car slob I am.

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    My car is always full of stuff, too.

    I love the post. I laughed out loud when I saw Vince’s car!

    By the way, I made a new header on my blog. It is a picture of a quilt you quilted for me. It’s so pretty.

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    Lisa says

    Judy, my husband is always right too! My kids won’t leave a thing in his car, but consider mine a trash recepticle. My husband calls my car the “rolling garbage heap”. If he only had to do what I do with his car (shopping, hauling, soccer practices, etc.)!

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    I try to do all the quilts that need the same panto before moving on to the next one glad to hear I’m not the only one who does this. We won’t discuss what might me hiding in my truck (I have a crew cab you can carry so much more that way). lol