Share Block #2 Please

Once you’ve finished Block #2, please post it on your blog and post a link in the box below so others can see what you’ve done.  Be sure that the link leads directly to the specific post and not to your main blog.




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    CAROLE says

    OH WOW–#2 already? time flies when you are having fun! I hope to have mine done tonight and post tomorrow! THANKS JUDY

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    I enjoyed making the block! I tried to miter the corners but gave up. I did it the other way Judy suggested. I really like the way it turned out.

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    Traci says

    Thanks Judy…I love the block. Didn’t miter…should have. Maybe I will redo the block when I tackle block #1 again… ruler really helped me.

    Thanks again!


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    Thank you Judy! Great block, I had fun doing it. I took my time cut precisely, used 1/4 inch seem allowance and I think it turned out well. Looking forward to the first.

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    Judy, thanks for another memorable block. There were challenges, and it’s not perfect; but it was fun, and I learned a lot. Looking forward to another interesting journey in 2 weeks!

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    Here it is midnight again and I am posting my second block…hooray!!!! Mine is 12 1/2 and I am really pleased with it…my first time doing mitered corners…thanks to someone who referred to The Quilters Ultimate Visual Guide…I followed some of it and added my own touch…thanks Judy for the challenge..I love it!

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    Laura says

    BOM #2 is done. A bit of a challenge as for some weird reason, I received no cutting instructions nor any piecing instructions that made sense. So I compared BOM#1 and #2, found some common denominators, and proceeded to work from the inside out, and from the outside in. A challenge indeed, but I did it! E-mailed Judy yesterday and she was also baffled as to why I was experiencing difficulty accessing complete instructions, and suggested I go to a different computer. Well, being Sunday the library was closed, and being the impatient person I am, I decided to forge ahead and try to do the block on my own. Even did the mitering, my first time.
    The moment of truth came this morning when I measured my block, holding my breath–12 1/2″
    (unf.) ! I am quite proud of myself! My block is lovely, with the Christmas reds, greens, and golds.

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    Hmmmm. Saw the post on using the Quilters Ultimate Visual Guide which I happened to have. Did the miter only used Elmer’s glue after placing the miter fabrics correctly. Worked well. Measures right! Forward, MARCH!

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    This one was really easy. Of course, I didn’t miter. You would have heard the swearing all across the country if I’d tried to miter. Great instructions, Judy. I’m having fun following everyone’s progress.

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    I have posted #2 to my blog. I didn’t miter. Tried to do it but as you will see if you goto my blog the trouble I was already in. Rosetta

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    I finally got both of my blocks done today. I had a great time and now am waiting anxiously for the 3rd one! I was very glad to have something to occupy my brain…

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    Debbie says

    My Block 2 is finally done. I had some issues but all is fine now. Check it out! Thanks, Judy! Debbie

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    Okay, block 2 was easier than 1, I should just keep on going and make #3 while I am in the groove! lol….but gotta take a break and get some sleep…..thanks Judy….loving this!

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    OK, Judy! My secret’s out now. I’m impetuous and impatient. When I figured out what I did wrong, I posted block #3 in here under block #2, which I’ve already posted. If you’ll delete it, I’ll repost it under #3! Uggggg.

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    It took me two tries to get the middle straight, and I am claiming Floppy Irises as the reason, (inside joke). You can’t see it, but I did the mitering on this block and it turned out well. I am pleased with this block. Thanks Judy for the challenge with this one.

  16. 24


    Those mitered corners were a little bit of a challenge, but the block is constructed so much better than No. 1. I’m going to re-do that block!