How Cute!


This mom and two fawns passed through my yard a couple of afternoons ago. I grabbed the camera and tried to sneak out and get some pix but these rascals are quick! They’re so cute!


Hey lady, ain’t you got some quilting you should be doing?



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    so sweet and right outside your door. All I’ve got lately in the way of wildlife are the hawks that swoop in and make off with little critters in the yard. Not exactly adorable like your view.

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    Do you want some more because we have about 6 fawns with their families that are a total menace to the garden and I’d really love to send them to you! LOL!

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    Linda H says

    Judy, that is a prize-wining photo of the little fawn, spots and all. And that tale, so fluffy with the fringe all around it. Pretty fancy. But the expression on its face makes the pic. Good catch!