Stash Report – Week #33

I didn’t add anything but it wasn’t because I didn’t try.  I’ll tell you about that in a separate post though.

Most of what I used this week was making samples for upcoming classes – 3″ here, 5″ there, some borders on some string quilts, some binding for string quilts — nothing to write home about but at least I’m using the stash.  When I’m trying to make little sample blocks for classes, I always try to pick something I don’t like but I like all my stash!  I’ll pick up a piece and say to myself . . oh, I’ll use that some day . . so I find it as hard to make something that’s probably never going into a quilt as I do to make a quilt that’s going on my own bed.  Anyone else do that?

Fabric added this week – 0 yards
Fabric added year to date – 282 yards

Fabric used this week – 3.50 yards
Fabric used year to date – 290.25 yards

Net Used to Date – 8.25 yards


  1. 1

    Donna says

    I have to hear the story of the fabric shopping that wasn’t. It’s not so easy to keep a quilter from buying fabric when it’s right there begging us to buy it. What stopped you?

    Great job on holding positive numbers!

  2. 2


    I’ve decided that I need to pick a color scheme and then make different blocks that I need to make either to test a block or to photograph when I’m writing up instructions and when I have a drawer full of blocks throw them all together in a quilt.

  3. 3

    Glenda says

    I just have to chime in to tell you and all your linkers how much I enjoy reading all the blog reports every week. I’m not a blogger, but I read every comment and link every week. You all inspire me, whether you have a good stash busting week, or a little slip in the shopping department.

  4. 4


    My stashbusting efforts are due to storage space limitations. I do want to be able to continue to walk in my sewing room and am running out of drawer/shelf space.