I Love My Stash!

You might wonder why I’m trying so hard to reduce my stash when I love my stash! Well . . the more I use, the more I can buy, right? That’s partially true. I’ve never had the intention of using ALL the stash but just whittling it down a bit.

When it’s time to pull fabric for a new quilt, that’s when I really love my stash. For the next quilt I’m working on, I needed 5 yards of a dark, 2 yards of a light and 9 fat quarters. There are only a few pieces in my stash that are 5 yards or larger. I mostly buy 3 yard pieces but will occasionally buy 5 yards of an ecru on ecru or light background. Lucky for me, I have a bolt of Michael Miller Jet Black so that works for my dark background. The light background is a mottled gray. And the 9 fabrics are there. I don’t buy many fat quarters so I’ll just whack off what I need.


I wouldn’t mind trading that top fabric, which is actually an orange, for a purple if I can find the right shade. Or, those two yellows really look too much alike. Maybe I’ll switch one of them for a purple. Hmmm . . that one between the bright pink and yellow is a purple. Looks kinda blue. Maybe I’ll switch one of the yellows for a kelly green.

Good thing I took a picture and then took a second look at my choices, huh?



  1. 1

    Pam O says

    The camera is a wonderful quilting tool. It really helps give perspective when selecting fabrics or settings.

  2. 2


    I have a big stash but find it hard to pull for a project…but am working at it more….decisions, decisions, decisions and then we change our minds…’how many times’!…and isn’t that our prerogative as women. Have fun doing it…

  3. 3

    Rebecca says

    Living with several shops nearby, I love an excuse to go to them. I guess that’s why I don’t buy big pieces. Yet another of the differences between small-town life and an urban area. 🙂

  4. 5


    I use my camera a lot too – unfortunately sometimes I don’t look until it’s too late like in my Wonky Rails quilt where two reds landed right together in one set of blocks – luckily it doesn’t look as blendy in real life as it does in the photo and it’s done now so too bad!

  5. 6


    I’m working on building a stash now that we’re out of the RV. 3 yards at a time hmm?? I usually get 2, no wonder I never have quite enough, LOL.

    I like “shopping” from my stash too, that way you can keep changing your mind!

    I think some more intense purple in there would look great!