Oh, Deer!


I happened to look out the window the other morning and saw this deer in the back yard so I tried to quietly sneak out the front door, around the corner and towards the back.  What I need are some deaf deer if I want pictures because they hear everything and they’re such chickens!  Yes, I know . . we should be baling that grass we’re cutting back there.  Make that . . the grass Vince is cutting.  My grass cutting days are over, I hope.  I had a little accident on the lawn mower in Owensboro taking a turn down a hill too quickly so now I tell Vince . . Honey, I would cut the grass but I’m afraid.  Remember that accident I had in Owensboro? He just looks at me and I know he’s thinking . . but this yard is perfectly flat but as long as he cuts it, even though he only cuts it half as often as I would, I can live with it.


I took the picture of the first deer and then I saw a second and then a third and then the mom and the two fawns.  I really need to order the 70-300mm lens so I can get better pictures of the wildlife in my back yard.  This was taken with the 55-200mm and it was a bit out of range — I guess — I still don’t know what I’m doing with this darned camera. It was just getting to be daylight too so that didn’t help the pictures, and I was taking them without my glasses so I didn’t have a clue what my settings were.  But, I still want the 70-300mm lens, so I’m just going to pretend that the pictures are blurry/grainy because I need that lens.


On second thought . . a closer shot might not be needed.  Lady!  I know you see me because you’re just fixing to run.  Where are your manners?  There’s a whole forest behind those trees and you’re doing that in my yard??




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    Cheryl L says

    Judy, They are in my back yard at all hours of the day. I’ve given up planting much of anything—even in pots on my patio. They come within three feet of my back door to munch right out of the pots! It’s SOOOOOO frustrating. I run out to shoo them away and they just look at me and saunter away. Not only do they eat out in my yard, but yes, they poop here, too!!

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    So funny Judy – I’m not sure you need a clearer lens either. Deer pooping would probably not be the first thing I’d want to see when I opened your blog! We don’t have deer where we live now but have had in the past. I love to watch them but hate when they eat my flowers. blessings, marlene

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    neen says

    Judy, I am soooooooo with you, in your reasoning about getting the new lens. Work it, girl……..

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    Judy, something is funky with the Comments on today’s post – the one about feathers. :o) It gives a 404 Not Found page when you click on it.

    I was just asking what you think of wool batt. I’ve never used it, nor even handled it. Is it very heavy?

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    I’ve tried four times now and it won’t allow me to comment on your recent post above this one – but I say do what you love – and you LOVE feathers! 🙂 🙂

    I know it will be beautiful, it already is. Love your colors… Looks right at home with your wall color in your bedroom.

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie