Somewhat Organized

I’m truly the most unorganized person I know. I’ve said this before but if I didn’t keep lists, I’d get up in the morning and wander aimlessly around the house til bed time. People who think I’m organized just haven’t spent enough time with me.

Keeping my UFO’s organized is one thing that’s important to me. It hasn’t always been that way and I do have quite a few projects that really are bags of chaos. There are a couple fo bags with just blocks. I have no idea where I was headed with those. There’s even a couple of bags with a ton of cut squares . . all different sizes, and I don’t have a clue what I was planning to make with those.

But for the past year or so, I’ve tried to do better with the UFO’s. This is one I needed to work on a few days ago. It was so nice to pull this one out, find all the pieces right there, along with the instructions.


Once I finished the top, I took all the leftover pieces and cut them into squares, put those squares in the appropriate boxes and they’ll be ready when I’m ready to make another scrap quilt or when I need squares.


Don’t y’all wish I’d get a new cutting mat without those gross brown spots? One day . . just not any time soon! 🙂


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    Since you mentioned the brown (Dr. Pepper?) spots, do you ever use the white/clear cutting mat that is below the green one? (Or is that canvas? It looks like the humongous mats that are sold at quilt shows.)

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    I simply must put pen to paper and begin my list of UFO’s………. no wait, I think I will wait till next year when I am unpacking in my new home to do that…………….

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    pdudgeon says

    yep, i’m another one who cuts and bags the leftovers into squares, and puts the directions/instructions in my UFO’s.

    if i didn’t i would either go absolutely nuts or else throw out a whole bunch of fabric.
    i have hopes one day of not having any UFO’s left. (ok, y’all can laugh now.)

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    I must not know you well enough yet because you seem VERY organized to me!

    I’ve learned that I need to finish a top before putting a project away – otherwise it’s just too hard to remember where I was going with the project.

    I do have a couple in the process of piecing that I hope to get back to before I start another marathon quilting session for September. Unfortunately I’m traveling most of the next two weeks so who knows how much I’ll actually get done.