Did You Miss Me?

I know you didn’t because you didn’t know I was gone but if you’d known I was gone, you would’ve missed me, right?  It’s ok to say yes even if the real answer is no because it makes me feel good . . kinda like telling someone their outfit looks nice when it makes them look big as the side of barn!  No . . don’t tell me my outfit makes me look big . . I already know that!


I had a long trip (12 hours) to make.  I had a rented van and I had hoped to pack it the night before but things didn’t work out for me to get it packed so I was packing in the dark.  Packing = throwing things in and hoping it all works out!


Vince and Speck got up to tell me goodbye.  Speck really wanted to go.  He saw plenty of comfy spots in that van where he’d fit just fine.  He hates it so bad when I leave that I almost stay home just to keep from leaving him.


Too bad you have to get up so darned early to see the beautiful sunrises!  This one was real pretty but it’s kinda hard to get a good picture driving down the road at 70 miles per hour.  I thought about pulling over to stop and get a better picture but I still had 11.25 hours to drive and I needed to keep the wheels rolling.


This scene on the GPS (blue = water) could give a driver with bridge fears a panic attack but I’ve gone this way before and see that little white strip on each side of the purple roadway??  That’s firm, hard ground with grass, trees and shrubs growing and therefore, this isn’t a “bridge” so I have no problem passing this body of water.  This is in Oklahoma and I’m so glad they made it this way!


I used to live in Jasper, Texas and as I was passing through Jasper, I noticed this little hair and nail salon. I’m sure it was named after me! 🙂  Again, kinda hard to get a good picture driving down the road with it pouring rain.

I intended to stop, get out of the car and get a good picture of the “Welcome to Louisiana” sign but I guess they weren’t expecting me because there is no longer a “Welcome to Louisiana” sign when you come into Louisiana on Highway 190.  Governor Jindal . . can you please fix that because my feelings were kinda hurt that nothing was there to welcome me back to my home state!

10 wonderful days in Louisiana and even that wasn’t long enough!



  1. 1


    I do not like crossing bridges over water! Glad it was you and not me! thanks for sharing the pictures, glad you loved Lousianna..you are better than me, I don’t know if I could drive 12 hours by myself…

  2. 2


    I’m laughing out loud at your van Judy. I’m going to my sister’s for a week on Thursday and I expect to look just like that! blessings, marlene

  3. 6


    Of course we missed you!

    I’m getting ready to head out on Monday and I’ll be gone most of the next two weeks – VA, MD, PA, then NY and DC. Chesty is going to miss me really bad!

  4. 7

    Mary Ann says

    What I want to know is, what did you have to eat? For a northerner who grew up on Norwegian “white food”, I sure do love that Louisianna food. Oh, and I would have really missed you, if I had known you were gone.

  5. 8


    Me too! Judy, I gotta ask ya – have you ever been to Galveston, TX? Do you know the shop owner at Quilts by the Bay? I have looked at your picture many times and said to myself – I have met that woman somewhere!!

  6. 9

    Connie says

    Heck yeah, I missed ya! I guess Oklahoma is good for something, huh? Oh, and the fact that I’m here, although you’ve yet to come see me.

  7. 10


    No way I could drive 12 hours straight anymore, you’re more woman than me!

    You sound really homesick, how long have you been gone from LA?