Stash Report Week #34

Nothing changed here this week.  Nothing added, nothing used.  I did buy about 1-1/2 yards of LSU fabric to make Chad a pillowcase but it will be used right away and never go into the stash.  Mom doesn’t have a serger or I would have made it already.

Mom and I went to Quilts Bayou in Lake Charles.  It’s really a nice shop.  Mom is making an LSU quilt for my niece’s husband for Christmas and she needed a few more fabrics for that.  While I was sitting on the sofa relaxing, thinking how many quilts I have to get done in the next few months, my dad mentioned that he needs as bigger quilt for his bed.  That translates to “Judy, can you please make a bigger quilt for my bed?”

I’ve been asked to design a 12 block quilt for a shop hop so I worked on it a bit while at mom and dad’s. I showed dad what I had come up with to see if he liked it.  I will need to test the instructions so I might as well do that with a quilt for him.  His response was “I like red!”  So, I guess I’ll be using some red stash very soon.

So, how did you all do with your stash busting this week?  We have less than 20 weeks left in this year . . 18 weeks left I suppose!  I think I’d be really optimistic to think I can reach my goal but .. I’m not giving up yet.



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    pdudgeon says

    Thanks to Judy i did bust some stash this week!

    I’ve had a UFO project sitting in a drawer since 2004 all because i didn’t like the center block.
    the project is called “Strawberry Basket” from Kansas Troubles (the cover quilt from their book “Strawberry Jam”.)
    Their original center block was a few appliqued strawberries and flowers; not very exciting for a center block.

    I’m not a big fan of applique, but i did give it a shot, and then promptly relegated the whole project to the back burner.

    But in comes Judy with her BOM block #1 which solved my problem beautifully! I cut out the pieces and it works really well. As soon as i get it sewn later today I’ll post a link in the BOM #1 section.
    thanks to Judy I busted 5 yards this week with that project, which puts me 3.5 yards ahead for the year.

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    Weekly reports make me more aware of what I buy. I am finishing more projects, and realizing that I don’t need a “perfect” fabric to finish a project. There are so many “perfect” choices out there!