The Meaning of “Set Up”

Vince set up my new desktop for me while I was gone.  He and I have a different view of “set up” but I’ll just be thankful that it’s out of the box and all hooked up and I’ll add all my own programs later.  Really . . isn’t unpacking a computer from the box, hooking up all the wires but not adding Word or PhotoShop or EQ kinda like putting the food in the pans but never turning the fire on and then saying “I cooked dinner!”  Thanks . . I knew I was right!

Last night I was too tired to even come downstairs and look at it so this morning I came down to turn it on.  Where the heck is the on/off button?  I searched, felt here, felt there, mashed all kinds of things that probably shouldn’t have been mashed.  Finally (and I mean . . it took minutes, not seconds to find it) found the button.  Turned it on then had to go through the same search routine for the on/off switch for the monitor.  Why do these things have to be so much smarter than I am?  Wait . . don’t answer that question!

Since I went to bed with the chickens last night, I was up bright and early.  I’d washed two loads of clothes, been to Wal-Mart and two grocery stores before 9 a.m.  Actually, I’d been to Wal-Mart and twice to the same grocery store because I forgot the main thing I needed for lunch today but it doesn’t sound nearly as productive to give all the facts.

I did have a picture I wanted to share here but I don’t have any picture reducing software on this computer and I’m too lazy to get up and put it on now.  I’m going to take a nap!  You know how I feel about sleeping during the day . . but I’m tired, it’s quiet in the house and it’s cool in the basement . . perfect time for a quick nap.

Then I’ll get up and finish the LSU quilt or I’ll add some software to the computer.  My bet is . . the LSU quilt gets finished.



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    Hehe, I’d have done the same thing if you asked me to set up the computer! It would have been all put together on the desk, ready to go, but you would have had to pick your programs that you wanted to install.

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    peggy says

    Am I the only person who has trouble with Vista? I love my new notebook computer, but I’m having “issues” with Vista. It doesn’t like my printer, even though I downloaded the driver, and it is not easy to download and save photos from my email. I’m so frustrated.