My Niece’s Family

I may be just a bit prejudiced but I think this is the cutest family!  They have 3 girls and the baby (almost 10 months) is a boy.  Not sure what Kristy is doing to the back of #2’s shirt.


This picture was taken Friday night not long after I got to mom’s.  The kids had been to school all day, then out to dinner.  It was about 9 and they were begging to go to an “Armadillo Wrestle” at one of their friend’s house.  Kristy’s husband is a certified cajun and those kids have just enough of it to be hilarious!

The one in the white shirt is the oldest.


Not sure what story Wayne is telling here but you can bet it was a good one.


It’s hard for me to believe that Kristy is almost 34 and has four kids.  It seems like she should still be a teenager.  She always lived with mom and dad and we lived near mom and dad much of that time so I got to see Kristy growing up.  In fact, we lived with mom and dad for a month or so we had a fire at our house.  I think by the time we all shared a bathroom with Kristy, I might not have said such nice things about her! 🙂  She grew up with everything a girl could have and yet she’s such a great mom and wife.  I’m so proud of her (though I had nothing to do it with who she is . . mom and dad definitely did something right raising Kristy).  In fact, my nephew that was killed 2 years ago was Kristy’s brother.  Daniel was almost 27 and mom would joke with Daniel and ask him when he was going to get married and his response was . . “when I find a wife like Kristy.”


This one is the one that cracks me up!  She is so funny and has the most hilarious expressions.  She had her 5th birthday while I was there.

See why I love going to Louisiana!  I just left yesterday but I miss seeing these kids already!



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    OH Judy the family is just so awesome! Kristy is so cute along with the kids, and I could go on!!!
    Glad you are home and playing with the new laptop!

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    UMMMM Armadillo Wrestling – we need more of an explaination on that one….

    (I’ve seen the dead on the side of the road…)