Fun Quilters in Houma, LA

Part of my trip to Louisiana involved teaching two days in Houma, Louisiana.  Everyone knows I love Louisiana, right?  Of course, there’s my family but there’s also the people, the land, the food . . it’s not always easy to live so far away from the things I love so much.

The ladies in the Houma quilt group were unbelievable!  They were so friendly, so giving, so entertaining.  Mom and I went down there Monday night, went out to eat with some of the quilters, then I taught Tuesday and Wednesday and we laughed so hard.  We’re still talking about how funny those ladies were.


These two might’ve had too much fun! 🙂  They kept us all laughing.


This was Beth’s reaction when I asked if she would have her quilt finished within a week or so.  I think that means . . NO!


They did get some blocks made so it wasn’t all laughing and eating!



  1. 3

    Nancy W. says

    Ahh, there is no place like home. Looks like there are alot of pretty blocks to go with all those laughs. Sounds like fun, fun, fun.

  2. 4


    omgosh, that could have been me in that class if I had stayed there. I don’t recognize any of the faces, but then it’s been a looonnng time! That was the friendliest place I ever lived!!

  3. 7

    Linda Bourgeois says

    I live in Houma and I would love to learn to quilt. Do you have contact info for this group?