I Like My Crow . . Grilled

There are advantages and disadvantages to living in a small town.  There are no advantages to being a bit too outspoken.

Back in July when I had my little accident, I contacted my state representative to inquire as to why we don’t have a “no driving while gabbing on the cell phone law” and to ask why Missouri isn’t doing more to stop uninsured drivers.

As in most states, drivers will get insurance in order to show proof of insurance, get their license plates or driver’s license, then cancel the insurance.  So that leaves most of us having to pay for uninsured motorist coverage and deal with our own insurance when we have an accident.  The legislators know exactly what those drivers are doing and have done nothing to stop it.

Without making this story long and boring . . we moved here on January 1, 2007 so all our income for 2006 was earned in KY but we were living in MO when we filed our tax returns.  Seems as though there’s some elaborate system to let MO know that a resident filed a federal tax return but no state return (which we weren’t required to file).  But, MO was able to get our full and complete federal tax return, then compute how much taxes they thought we owed the State of MO, along with penalties and interest.  We actually owed them nothing and was able to get that resolved but Vince contacted this same state representative and he was probably more opinionated and vocal than was my e-mail.

My beef is that there’s no limit to the money they can spend to collect money they think the citizens owe them but any method of assuring every driver in this state is insured would cost too much money! So, I sent my representative an e-mail and well.. I wasn’t very nice and I did state that it seems the criminals are smarter than our legislators.

Yesterday Chad was out doing whatever he does and he ran into this particular legislator.  They got to talking and the rep asked Chad who his parents were.  Ughhh!  Why didn’t Chad make up a name?  So, the rep proceeded to tell Chad that I had sent him a pretty rude e-mail and that I told him the criminals were smarter than he was.

Chad was so happy to tell me that he’d met this man, who was very nice . . mom, you really should be nicer to people!  I really should.  So, I wrote him a second e-mail and apologized for being rude, although I do think the State needs to do more to make sure everyone has insurance and they need to do something about people talking on cell phones.

That wasn’t humiliation enough!  This morning, as every morning, I make an executive decision about whether I’ll be leaving the house or not.  On days I’m not leaving the house (today), I look like a bum!  Shorts, a T-shirt I promised myself I’d throw in the trash when I take it off tonight — way too many holes, barefooted and . . no bra!  About 3:00 my doorbell rings.  Oh, great!  UPS!  Wrong! It was the state representative! He was very, very nice.  I’m glad he’s our representative and I’ll vote for him in November!

We discussed the issues, he had done some research on what can be done and what is being done to help make sure drivers are insured.  He stayed about 30 minutes.

I am not sending any more strongly worded e-mails to anyone ever again and . . I’m going upstairs right now and throwing away every T-shirt that has holes in it and . . I’m going to wear shoes and makeup tomorrow!

Did I say  I’m only sending nice e-mails from now on???  Yep, that’s what I’m going to do!



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    You must have a lot of power – I write letters and emails and can’t get more than a form letter in return. Good for you!

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    Linda says

    Oh Judy, you do lead an interesting life!! And you’re probably right about the criminals being smarter than the legislators too. About MO looking to get money out of its citizens –Nebraska’s big thing right now is catching people who license their vehicles out of state. There’s shared databases for that too. Well, if it wasn’t so expensive to do it here, people wouldn’t try to get away with doing it in some other state. Perfectly logical, but our legislators can’t seem to see that. Must need glasses 🙂

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    Oh Judy, what a great story! Doesn’t it always seem that people stop by when we’re “at our best”!!! This is one that will be fun to tell the grandchildren someday…

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    Carla says

    LOL Judy! That is the funniest story I have ever heard! Thanks for sharing it. 🙂 Carla

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    Oh that is too funny. When I was working from home I got caught in my jammies sans bra often.
    At least your email got his attention and he came over to get your point of view.

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    I’m lauging hysterically Judy! That sounds like something that would happen to me – the only reason it hasn’t is because I won’t e-mail representatives just in case they drop by! Oh my – wouldn’t you know it, holey tee shirt and no bra, my normal way of dressing at home. 🙂 blessings, marlene

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    Linda H says

    Oh, Judy, that story is just too much! lol Who knew that state reps (or any other legislator) actually make house calls! I’m impressed that he even read your email. hmmm…maybe I should throw out that comfy old shirt with the BBQ stains down the front…y’never know who might ring the doorbell, it seems.

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    Oh, that’s funny, Judy, but at least you got attention, try getting noticed down here in Atlanta, I don’t THINK so lol. And you are right about the uninsured and cell phone talking.

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    Great story Judy!! It is good you took your Constitutional rights and used them……. too many of us tend to let ‘someone else take care of it.’. Pretty soon we are going to run out of ‘someone else’s’.

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    Oh Judy hahahahahahahaha!!! As soon as you started to describe what you had on I just knew the Representative was on his way to your house! hahahahahaha You poor thing!
    Thanks for the giggle this morning,

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    pdudgeon says

    LOL, that was a funny story! Even the Representatives are friendly in your small town.

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    Love the story! But isn’t it bad manners to show up at someones home without calling ahead??? At least that is how I was raised? What do you think?

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    Nancy W. says

    Oh, Judy! Great story..Funny timing. I just told my doctors office what I thought of their office practices ( I was so mad) and then had to take my daughter there for a headache that won’t go away. Crow pie isn’t good but sounds like you got your voice heard . Good for you.

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    I’ll bet he wanted to find out how such a nice young man as Chad could be related to the woman who wrote him a rude email! LOL

    I’m impressed though, that he took the time to make a house call.

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    Oh my… that is hilarious. But it was awful nice of him to visit you to discuss the issues. I too tend to make the same dressing decisions as you. First no matter what, if it’s 15 degrees cel or higher, it’s short sleeves. Then if I’m going out, I’ll wear good stuff… For kicking around the house, it’s not that pretty!

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    Too funny!
    Your ‘at-home’ attire sounds EXACTLY like mine, right down to my red t-shirt with the holes. And no bra unless I’m going out. Aaah, it’s nice to be glamorous, isn’t it?
    Jeanne 🙂

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    Very funny… and I’m the same way at home, a total bum. This was fine back when we had a 1/4 mile long driveway and a locked gate at the end. Now, I’m finding I need to dress myself a bit better. LOL

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    LOL. Better than answering the door to maintenance and nursing a baby at the same time! LOL. I knew they were supposed to come back at some point, but hey I had a hungry baby!