About that Labor Day Challenge

This quilt is quick and easy and uses up a good bit of fabric.  The way I made my blocks does waste a bit of fabric so if that bothers you, this method of making the blocks isn’t for you.  None of the instructions are terribly specific — do whatever works for you.

1.  Choose that fabric from the stash that you’re not quite sure why you ever bought it and brought it home.  This yellow piece is mine.  You’ll need about 3/4 to 1 yard for the blocks.  You can use another half yard or so in the border if you’d like but that isn’t necessary.  This fabric is your focus fabric.

2.  The quilt I made is 60″ x 80″.  Make yours any size you want it to be.  I used 35 (5 across/7 down) blocks that finish at 9″.

3.  Cut strips across the width of your focus fabric that are anywhere from 4-1/2″ to 5-1/2″.  Chop those up into 35 wonky squares as shown below.


4.  Using a coordinating (or not) fabric, cut strips that are 3″ – 4″ wide.  Sew a piece of those onto opposite ends of the wonky square.  Press . . either direction is fine.  You don’t even have to be consistent.


5.  Trim the rough sides so they’re straight.


6.  Add fabric strips to the two remaining sides.  These strips can all be different widths – just so you end up with a block that’s at least 9-1/2″ after being squared up.


7.  Using a square ruler, square the block to 9-1/2″.  You’re not really “squaring” it with the world but just making all sides equal.  You want them to be wonky.


8.  Here’s the block . . 9-1/2″ unfinished.


Yes, my design wall is a bit cluttered and I really need to get some of these blocks off the wall and into tops but on the far right side, you’ll see all 35 of my blocks done!


Some time before Saturday, I’ll share the border with you.




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    Cute quilt, but if you saw my current to do “for the baby” list (blogged this morning) you’d know that I can’t play along.

    But I’ll keep this idea in my “I Spy” blocks “file.”

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    I’m ready! I found a large amount of yardage of a floral I thought would be great for a stack & whack (it was $2/yard — who could resist?). It’s a little too repetitive for a S&W, so it’s been aging to perfection in my closet. I can do the focus fabric, the borders, binding, and backing, and still have enough left over to cover a small car!

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    I found some fabric that wasa gifted to me by my MIL but only 22 inches so my quilt will be a tad smaller. I wanted to make a few bay quilts to give to my friend’s ‘Baby Quilts for Christmas’ Drive. Thanks for sharing your pattern 🙂