Prayers & Good Thoughts Please


It’s hard to even know how to pray in a situation such as this because the darned hurricane has to go somewhere and anywhere it goes, there’s going to be devastation and much heartache.  But do you see right there where it’s headed??  Houma!  That’s where I was 2 weeks ago teaching and those ladies were so nice and sweet and kind and it just breaks my heart to think of the suffering they’re going through even now — the uncertainty of where it’s going to hit and deciding whether to leave, where to go, what to take.  Vicky‘s brother is just a tad west of there, my sister is just a tad west of him, my mom, dad, niece and her precious family are just a tad west of there.  Bonnie is just a bit west of my family and I think she was leaving out today with her family.

I know it’s within the realm of God’s power to make this thing just disappear off the radar but somehow, that’s not what I’m expecting to happen.  Maybe I have a lack of faith!  So I’m just praying that wherever it hits, people will be as prepared as they can be and help will be swift in getting to them.

If you’re the praying kind, would you please pray for all in the path of this hurricane?

The ladies in Houma support a local orphanage.  The quilts they make are 60″ x 80″ or a bit larger.  There are more boys than girls.  If Houma takes a direct hit, these ladies may be a bit slow in getting their donation quilts made and the orphanage may have more of a need than ever so if you have any quilts in this size range or if you can make one to send to this guild for their donations, please let me know and as soon as things get back to normal, we can surprise these wonderful quilters with just a little help.  The quilt I’m making for the Labor Day Challenge was already designated to go to the Houma ladies for the orphanage but maybe I’ll make a couple more if they take a direct hit.


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    Loretta says

    Yes, Judy, all of us in South Louisiana are praying right now, because this storm does not look like it is going to make any major changes away from us. I live about one hour north of Houma, so of course that puts us on the “bad” side of the storm–as if there is ever a good side!!!!
    So, good quilters, please keep us in your prayers over these next few days–and maybe next weekend, too, because Hannah is right behind Gustav.
    Thanks to all.

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    Loretta, got you covered! My heart is just about to break thinking about what we know is going to happen. Judy, please count me in on a couple of charity quilts for your group!

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    We’ve been watching the storm progress here in our neck of the woods all while praying for the people in it’s path.
    Loretta…you stay safe!

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    pdudgeon says

    i’ve been hoping that your parents would come up for a visit and get out of the way of the storm. this one is definitely not one to ride thru. best to scatter and be safe. praying for everyone.

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    pdudgeon says

    ps. the latest track this morning is taking the eye of the storm just to the west of Beaumont.

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    Judy, I too am praying for ALL the ones in the path of both hurricane’s.
    My family is in New Iberia, La….they are preparing for the worst. Best to be ready….for anything can happen, as we all know.

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    Martha says

    Do everything in your power to get your family to LEAVE Lake Charles!!! We are expected to get hurricane force winds here in Rapides Tuesday. They are in the path of major destruction in Lake Charles. It is funny that the Weather Channel talks about where the eye of the storm makes ‘landfall’ as if the entire hurricane wasn’t several hundred miles in diameter.

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    sue w says

    Judy; thanks for border idea. It will keep me busy while I ride out the storm. Thanks for all the prayers. They are powerful and very much appreciated. Fellow quilters are the best.

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    Nancy W. says

    Judy, I keep thinking about your family. The preditions sure don’t look good. Please count me in on a charity quilt.