Snip, Snip

Today I said goodbye to two old appendages.


This is a picture from several years ago but see underneath my right eye and you probably can’t see it but on my right nostril, there were two moles.  They’ve been there forever but they were getting bigger.  I’ve been needing to have them taken off but it’s really hard for me to have someone working on my face.

When I had this picture taken for my book, the photographer just wiped away all the imperfections, including the moles.


I sent mom a big picture like this and my nephew, Daniel, saw it and said “Well, they sure doctored that one up, didn’t they?”  When asked what he meant, he said “the warts on her face are gone!”  Mom told me and I called right then and made an appointment to have the moles taken off.  I swore that the next time I saw Daniel, there would be no moles or warts on my face!  But, before I could get them removed, Daniel was killed and I immediately cancelled my appointment to have them removed.  No way to go through all that pain and agony of having the doctor cut and stitch on my face if Daniel couldn’t see the results.

I’ve had a history of basal cell type skin cancer and get regular checkups from the dermatologist.  We have a new dermatologist in town so I went to him today and he found a couple of spots that need to be frozen.  He also said the mole near my eye is the kind that can give me problems in the future and he recommended “shaving” it off. Right now? Yep, right now!  Might as well do the nose too so he did . . they’re both gone.  No more warts or moles on my face!  No stitches . . just a tiny little pin prick for the numbing and . . simple as that . . they’re gone.  I’m very glad to be rid of them!



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    Carol says

    Thank you for the encouragement. I will go get mine removed ASAP – sounds much easier than I thought!

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    Good thing to have them removed… mother lost her life to melanoma….so us girls everytime we see a new something show up we are immediately to the doctor to have removal and tested. Both my sisters have tested “precancerous” on some of there spots…..I’ve been lucky and mine have all been negative. It’s worth alot to have piece of mind!!!!

    Karen L

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    Good for you! I go in every November for a “mold” check. (The doctor politely corrected me and said, “no, it’s mole”.) Mold to me. I’ve had 7 spots removed over the years (also basal cell), nothing to worry about, as long as I keep getting them checked and taken care of. Glad you’re now mold free!

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    Pam Oliver says

    I’m sure that Daniel would and does approve. Congrats on another obstacle conquered.

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    Sign me up as 2 basal, 1 squamous – all this summer, and quite a shock.

    I’m SO relieved to be done with it, and have my 6mo. check-up already scheduled!

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    Evelyn says

    What a great doctor to do it right then and there before you could start worrying about it and cancel! Good for you.

  7. 10


    Thanks for the reminder to make my appt. I have a mole on my shoulder that was irritated by the strapping when I had my shoulder surgery. Time for it to come off!

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    I’ve had one taken care of and have a couple of others that I’m choose to ignore. Good for you.

    Thought much of you this past week as we drove from Washington state to Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming). Oh my – you don’t want to make that trip. LOTS of bridges – I thought of you so many times and wondered how you could manage it. It is a fabulous place, but perhaps not for yourself. 😕

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Good for you Judy! I had squamish cell removed from my lip. (I had thought it was just scar tissue). My DH takes no chances and makes sure I get things taken care of. He lost his father to cancer (which started on his lip, and my father had it in the same place…but has been cancer free for over 30 years!) So it is best to get things taken care of before they become a much bigger problem.