Passing the Time

What do you do when you can’t pry yourself away from the TV . . watching the predictions of where Gustav will land?  My sister in New Iberia – she and her husband went to their camp north of Natchez, Mississippi.  Her son – he stayed at their house in New Iberia.  Not what I would have recommended but he has a dog and cat and didn’t want to leave them or take them so he stayed at my sister’s house which should be safer than his smaller, older home.  My parents in Lake Charles when to their camp about 2 hours north of Lake Charles.  They stayed there during Rita but it got rough.  If Gustav stays over closer to New Orleans, they should be safe but may get lots and lots of rain.  My niece and her family from Lake Charles took their camper and headed north of Houston but didn’t make it all the way.  They got caught in traffic and ended up somewhere near Houston where they’re staying for the night and will head on north in the morning.  Traveling with 4 kids isn’t easy so I don’t envy them but they have a nice, big camper and I think they’ll be safe as long as the hurricane doesn’t take a more westerly path.

Let’s see . . I’ve talked to mom and dad a few times, I’ve had two naps, and now I’m quilting my niece’s husband’s LSU quilt.


I’ll be glad when hurricane season is over and you can bet there are lots of people on the Gulf Coast who will be a whole lot more glad than I am!



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    Judy, I have been watching the storms predictions as well. My sister is in Alabama, and though she is not in the main landfall zone we know she will still feel the effects of Gustav.
    Hope your family stays safe.

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    We’ve been following the hurricane as well, I’ll be thinking of you and your family, I know this must be scary!

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    Scarlett says

    I’ve been watching the hurricane on the news also. What do you mean that your sister went to “their camp”.

    Prayers to all the hurricane travelers.

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    neen says

    Judy, Thanks for the report. When I saw where Gustav was headed, I immediately thought of you and yours. Thank God they aren’t taking any chances. Praying with you in, way up North, Maine….

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    Sure wish your family in Louisiana the very best and a safe trip home. I have been watching tv all day, hoping all goes better than expected.
    Thanks for visiting my blog today…I appreciate your comments. Pat