Block #3 Pictures

Once you get Block 3 done, will you please share photos. There are many out there who aren’t participating but are enjoying seeing the blocks being made.  It can help generate some traffic to your blog too!

NOTE:  You need to link to the specific post — NOT TO YOUR MAIN BLOG!  I’ve been going back and changing your links but as of Block 3, if your link is to your main blog, the link will be deleted.  This is because when others go to see your blocks, if it’s been a few days or a week or so, they’re coming upon posts that are not related to the BOM.




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    Karen says

    I can’t find where I put my copy of Block #1. I can’t find where to print it off. Am I too late to print another copy? Karen

  2. 3

    Pat says

    I have printed copies of the 3 blocks so far but haven’t had any time to start them. And….when I do, I can’t post a link to them since I’m one of those techno-morons who has no clue how to create a blog for myself!!! I love these star blocks, though, and hope to get around to them before too much longer. Thanks for the work you’ve put into this, Judy.

  3. 8

    Sharon says

    I have also been doing the blocks along but don’t have a blog to link to. Never thought I was interesting enough that people would want to read mine! I love the blocks and I am doing them in 2 different color schemes and they are really fun.

  4. 12

    Karen (Misiz C) says

    Loving these blocks Judy! So do numerous family members. I hate to break it to them but this one is going in my spare bedroom. LOL

  5. 13


    This one went together pretty well, although I paper pieced it so it was easier than if I had cut all the pieces out.

  6. 16


    Ladies, thank you very much for your comments. Judy thanks for hosting this wonderful block of the month…..I really enjoy making these blocks…they are sooooo yummy! I have visited the other sites and it is easy to see that we are all having a blast!!!

  7. 19

    Katie says

    Thank you so much for doing this BOM! I can’t seem to get my blog link to work (sorry about that above), but I am having a great time and looking forward to giving this quilt as a 40th birthday present next fall!

  8. 24

    Linda says

    I am enjoying these blocks so much that I’m doing 2. They are so different in color from each other and I’m really pleased with the results. Promise to show you both, Judy as soon as I can!
    Hugs from Linda in Norway

  9. 25


    I finally conquered #3 before the 15th…Hooray!! I have checked all of them out and they are so different and each one unique. Enjoyable to be a part of the BOM..thanks Judy.

  10. 28

    Laura L. says

    Well, I procrastinated. Cut #3 out yesterday, the 14th, sewed it today, the 15th! But, it’s done! Decided to switch fabrics as I wanted a red pinwheel, and a green star, not the opposite. It is SO pretty!Liking this BOM so much. Thanks, Judy, for the good, clear directions!

  11. 31

    Laila Mogensen says

    I’am working on block 3 and is having some trouble with the fabric 4 square, it seems to be a bit to small. Nobody else has had problems with that, it seems. I will just give it another try.
    Working on getting my blocks published in a blog too. Coming up soon ;))