A Bit of Tweaking

I’ve played around with the design and the colors and I think I might like this one.  Tomorrow I may not like it at all.  Today or tomorrow, maybe Dad will see it and weigh in on what he thinks.  In the event Dad thinks it’s too much like Christmas after it gets made, then he’ll have a Christmas quilt and I’ll make him another one for the other 10 months of the year.

Part of me thinks the outer pieced border is too heavy for the rest of the quilt but without it, the quilt seems to be missing something.  I tried putting a second red border out there but I came back to this pieced border.  We’ll see what I think about it tomorrow.  It’s not like I’m sitting here with nothing to do, you know?

Speaking of my parents, thanks to all who wrote me and to all who prayed for everyone in south Louisiana.  My parents are back home and had no damages at all.  I don’t think my friends in Houma fared so well though.

My plans for today included finishing a top and since I started playing around with designing Dad’s quilt, unless I stay up all night, the top is probably not going to get finished!  I have zero self-discipline!  But honestly, some days I’d just rather play with EQ.  Some days I’d rather piece and some days, I’d rather quilt on the longarm.  Too bad there’s never a day when I feel like cleaning house! 🙁


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    Judy that design and the colors are terrific! I am sure he will love it! I am glad your parents made out ok with the storm, and am praying for the others.

  2. 3

    Carol says

    This is perfect! Is this a pattern you are going to publish? If so, put me on the list, please. I want to buy it now.

  3. 4


    The red inner border is really cool, but I still like the red and green quilt the best–the setting that is. Colorwise I like them both. The orangey red, olive and yellow green you’ve chosen don’t make me think Christmas at all.

  4. 5


    I am so glad your parents are okay…I put your family names on the prayer roll at my Temple. I’m glad the local leaders were better organized and people left the area in time.

    I love all your quilts! Your house can always wait…mine does! LOL!

  5. 6

    Louisa says

    looks southwestern/native american more than christmas to me, the colors and design & border. nice.

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    Maybe switch out some of the “lighter” blocks with heavy ones (like the ones with pinwheels) so that the border is more balanced.

    I like the “corner stones” they add a lot of interest.

    To me, unless you are using poinsettia & evergreen prints this does not say Christmas because of the use of blue. (If the blue had been gold…) Just my opinion.